Three of a family found dead in Thekkady lodge

Three of a family found dead in Thekkady lodge

Kumali: Three members of a family have been found dead in mysterious circumstances in a lodge in Thekkady, the popular tourist centre in Kerala's Idukki district, close to the Tamil Nadu border.

Kancheepuram native Jeeva (39) was found dead on the cot, while her husband Karikkattuvila Pramod, alias Vishnu, 40, and his mother Shobhana (60) from Perungazha, Thiruvananthapuram, were found hanging.

It seems Pramod killed himself after killing Jeeva, the police said. Jeeva's neck has scuff marks.

Shobhana's wrist was found slashed, indicating suicide attempt.

The cause of their death can be ascertained only after autopsy, said Kattappana DYSP NC Rajmohan.

The family had taken two rooms. Pramod and Jeeva shared one, and Shobhana lived in the one below it.

On Sunday, the lodge manager found Shobhana's room locked from the outside and Pramod’s bolted from the inside.

Preliminary probe revealed that Pramod was trying to get the land owned by Jeeva's parents in Pudupatti, near Cumbum, in Theni district close to the Kerala border.

They were in constant touch with real estate agents around Kumali since they took the rooms in May.

They seemed to have used two cars, one belonging to Jeeva's relative in Pudupatti.

The bodies are set to be moved to the Kottayam Medical College Hospital after forensic team’s analysis of the scene.

Pramod was involved in a visa fraud case earlier, the police said.