Regular passenger of KSRTC bus gets a ‘smart’ gift from fellow travellers

Regular passenger of KSRTC bus gets a ‘smart’ gift from fellow travellers

Alappuzha: Curious scenes unfolded when the KSRTC bus number RPM 701 heading to Kayamkulam from Kumali reached the NSS College in Changanassery. When the bus stopped there, several passengers got down and handed over a gift to another traveller.

Many people inside the bus were surprised and asked whether it was the man’s birthday. Those outside replied that it was a bigger day than a birthday. The person who received the gift opened it and found a brand new smartphone inside. Tears of joy welled up in his eyes.

The incident took place on Wednesday morning and the person who received the gift was Sivan ‘chettan’. He is a member of the WhatsApp group of the regular passengers in RMP 701 bus. The group has over 60 members. Sivan works as an accountant at a provision store at Mannar. He had purchased a smartphone two months ago on credit. However, it was stolen a few days ago at Changanassery.

Sivan chettan used to regularly update the timings of Kayamkulam and Mavelikkara buses in the morning and evening. When he lost the phone,   many other members of the WhatsApp group felt as if they had lost their own phone. Soon hectic discussions took place between group admin Asha teacher; Shameer, who lost his job while working as an empanelled conductor of the bus; driver Shibi and some others. They decided to give a surprise gift to Sivan. The discussion took place privately and not in the group.

The surprise was to be a new phone. The same model that Sivan lost could not be found. So a costlier model of the same company was bought from a shop at Kanjirappally. The phone was gift-wrapped at the admin’s house.

The remaining part of the plan worked perfectly. After handing over the gift, all passengers continued their journey with a smile on their face. KSRTC bus number RPM 701 resumed its trip to Kayamkulam.