Brave act: 11-year-old boy saves grandmother from drowning

Brave act: 11-year-old boy saves grandmother from drowning
Rojin (R) and his grandmother Mariyamma.

Kuttanad: Exhibiting exemplary presence of mind and courage, a 11-year-old boy has saved his grandmother from getting drowned after a country boat ferrying them across the Pookaithayar river capsized.

Rojin, a Class VI student of Government UP School, Punnapra, did not think about his safety when he plunged into the water to rescue his grandmother Mariyamma, 60, of Valekkadu (H) at Karichira, near here.

The incident took place around 7 am on Sunday when the two were on their way to the Narbonapuram St Sebastian’s Church at Chembumpuram to pray at the grave of Mariyamma’s husband V J Joseph, who died last week.


They set off from the ghat near their house around 6.45 am and after about 10 minutes a houseboat coming from the opposite direction rammed their raft and proceeded without stopping.

The small raft capsized in the impact of the collision and both were thrown into the water. Though Mariyamma knew swimming, she started drowning as her legs got entangled in her saree. Acting swiftly, Rojin got hold of her hand and pulled her towards safety, all while clinging to the sinking raft. They returned home and changed the wet clothes before heading to the church in the same raft.

“I knew I would be fine, but I wanted to rescue my grandmother at any cost,” Rojin, son of Mariyamma’s daughter Jinsy and Robert of Puthanpurakkal, Punnapra South, said.

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