New system to ease pension payment by Kerala govt

New system to ease pension payment by Kerala govt

Alappuzha: The Kerala government has come up with a new system to disburse pension benefits for retiring employees without any delay.

The new system was brought in place to avoid the financial losses the state would incur due to the interest rates.

To give benefits on the retiring day itself, procedures would be divided into three.

Authorities should ensure that the Accountant General has given the approval for benefits, including pension and commutation, on the day of the retirement itself. However, this is not applicable to those who are facing disciplinary action or are involved in any case. For such staff, the pension benefits would be allowed only after the issues are settled. Till then only temporary pension will be given.

If the disciplinary action is on during retirement, it will be completed within a year.

In the event of the retiree approaching the court over delay in getting Death-cum Retirement Gratuity Calculation (DCRG), the interest amount to be paid would be levied from the official who delayed the procedure.

Every year, the list of staff who would be retiring within 18 months from January 1 and July 1 would be submitted to the office heads and on a dedicated software.

It will also be ensured that those on the list have given the pension requests on time.

The heads of aided institutions should ensure that the staff had given application six months prior to the retirement without waiting for the academic year to end.

Without waiting for a pay hike that might be implemented in the future, the heads should calculate the benefits based on the service/pay criteria at the time of filing application and submit it to the sanctioning authority or accountant general.

If there are pending dues, it would be marked on the final certificate and duly detected.

A week after retirement, the last salary certificate would be given to the treasury officer.