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Last Updated Tuesday August 21 2018 08:01 PM IST

Live easy; there is a market full of IoT to assist you

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Women using a mobile phone Internet of Things is a revolutionary development in computing technology that can change forever the way we live.

Kochi: On way to the annals of nostalgia is a gamut of concerns that working women had, or may still have.

That whether you forgot to turn off the water pump, or the TV or fan should soon be a lesser worry. All these could be managed from the office or anywhere else in the world, with your smartphone.

The mobile phone is becoming a wholesome solution to everyday concerns, thanks to Internet of Things (IoT), the emerging technology that is turning the entire world into one connected unit. IoT promises to make life easier and its quality better.

Developers across the world are working on new applications to deliver a richer IoT experience. In Kerala, too, companies are launching IoT-driven products.

India’s IoT market is forecast to top $9 billion in two years. Across the world, some 3,000-crore equipment will be connected through IoT by then. The global market for the technology is expected to be worth more than $7.1 trillion.

Inevitable change

Kochi-based V-Guard recently introduced a range of IoT-based products.

These appliances that make the life easier were developed after three years of research, Managing Director Mithun Chittilappilly said.

The new smart investors and water heaters would be connected to a mobile app and could be switched on and off from anywhere in the world. For instance, when the temperature of the water reaches a preset level, the user will get an alert on the mobile phone and she can switch it off with a mere touch on the phone.

The appliances also offer intelligent scheduler facility. It helps remind you about energy consumption. The technology is so smart that when the power supply needs to be cut off, the machines will do it without any external intervention.

Service me, please…

Any glitch, and these machines will send a message to the service center on their own. The expert at the service center will know what the fault is even before the consumer realizes it. The otherwise time-consuming repair process — the technician has to schedule a visit and understand the fault before working to resolve it — could be done much quicker.

These are not something that are taking place thousands of miles away in the developed world, but here in India, in your neighborhood.

Intelligent fan

The IoT range include fans that adjust their rotation speed according to the room temperature. The LED light on the fan is intelligent too, operating an effortless mood-lighting system.

I am smart and so is my home

Consumer product makers are working at a feverish pitch to connect every appliance at home through IoT.

Not just the mobile phones and wearable devices, even the exercycle is going the IoT way. The next round of research will be to make IoT affordable, like any technology.

Home automation by local companies

Home automation, the process of connecting home appliances through the mobile phone, isn’t a new term anymore.

Indian, even Kerala-based, companies are working on developing IoT-based home-automation technologies. A positive outcome of the increasing competition is the shrinking cost.

Last year, home-grown Smartron entered the IoT-based automation space. Its joint venture with Qualcomm will bring to India an IoT platform developed by the American chipmaker.

Smartron was also the company that brought Qualcomm’s WiFi Mesh platform to India.

The WiFi Mesh provides connectivity to every corner of the house, enabling appliances kept at different locations to communicate among themselves.

There are many start-ups in Kerala that are working on IoT and home automation projects. Bengaluru houses the largest number of IoT start-ups in the country.

WhatsApp for IoT

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, is making itself IoT-compliant.

Soon, the WhatsApp messenger could be used to control various equipment at home, office and elsewhere. It’s not far before machines operate on their own chatting with their owners over WhatsApp.

In simple terms

Internet of Things is a revolutionary development in computing technology that can change forever the way we live.

The advantage of IoT is that various equipment can be connected, monitored and controlled remotely. It is a network connecting hardware, software and electronic sensors. Its applications range from transforming homes into an automated space to making cities smart and businesses more efficient.

Some of the common examples IoT today include the appliances that could be managed from anywhere; smart watches that record the blood pressure, heart beat the steps you walk; and the Amazon Echo and Google Home that respond to your voice commands and obey orders to control various smart equipment.

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