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Last Updated Monday April 23 2018 02:58 PM IST

Here's how to find out GST irregularities on bills

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Even a layman can find out GST irregularities on bills The first and easiest method is to ensure that the 15-digit GST number is printed on the bill.

There is no end to the anxieties and doubts concerning GST among the common man. Once they get the bill at shops, most people are likely to take a look at the amount, heave a sigh and without any second thoughts pay up and leave. And because of this, they could also be easily conned in the guise of GST.

The Legal metrology department has started acting against hotels and other outlets that are using fake GST numbers to fleece customers. Customers themselves can find out irregularities by using facilities being offered by the department in the regard.

The first and easiest method is to ensure that the 15-digit GST number is printed on the bill. Without this number, it is illegal to collect GST. Next, if the number is present on the bill, one can check if it is fake or real.

Click on the link and search the GSSTIN (goods and services tax identification number) on the website. It should show you the name, business, date, state and other details of the shop.

A mobile app too has been developed to check if traders have taken GST registration and the tax on the products. The app ‘Kerala GST’ can be downloaded for free from Play Store. If you check the GSTIN, you can know if the trader has registered for GST or if he or she is a member of the composition scheme.

A trader who has opted for the composition scheme can't charge tax from customers. If an irregularity is found during inspections, there are avenues to file complaints. The government has been taking strict action in this regard. If one has been overcharged in the name of GST, one can send a complaint to, call at 0120-4888999 or post your complaints at twitter handle @askGST_Goi, @FinMinIndia

A website providing all the information related to GST -- -- has also been launched.

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