The Beast, Bugatti, Porsche among this Keralite's miniature car collection

The Beast, Bugatti, Porsche among this Keralites miniature car collection

Pathanamthitta: The US President's official state car 'Cadillac One', nicknamed 'The Beast', is the last word when it comes to luxury and safety in automobiles. The Beast is probably the most talked about vehicle of any head of state. But if you want to see the miniature version of the American president's state car, head to the house of P M Vineeth at Karimpinpuzha in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district.

Not just The Beast, expensive cars such as the Rolls Royce, Porsche, BMW 7 Series, Mercedes Benz 190 EEV 2, Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Reventon are part of Vineeth’s collection.

These should not be dismissed as mere toys. The miniature cars have been brought out by the manufacturing companies themselves with all the specifications and in the exact shape of the original car.

If he gets to know that a new car has entered the market, Vineeth immediately starts to look for its miniature. He has already collected 300 such miniature cars. Most of the purchases are done online. And a good number of these car cost more than Rs 10,000 each.

Once Vineeth gets his hands on the car, he would take it down piece by piece to get a more clear picture on its making. Though he puts the pieces back together, he makes slight changes to the lights, wheels and seats.

Vinneth's love for the wheels began when he was just a kid. His passion prompted him to take up automobile engineering. He works at car dealer's.

His collection includes those cars that are still in the market and those that are not manufactured any more. The length of these cars varies from the size of the little finger to 0.5metres.