Kerala logs into national online registry of vehicles

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Thiruvananthapuram: Finding details on vehicle registration and ownership by law enforcers and public becomes easy with the development of the national online registry by the Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highway. With Kerala too now becoming part of the central registry, data on vehicles registered across the state will now available on the portal.

Public may check details of their vehicles by visiting the portal The portal has two sections. One section, namely VAHAN, has details about vehicle registration. The second section SARATHI has details on driving licence.

At present the driving licence details only from Wayanad and Kasargod districts have been included in the SARATHI.

The details from all other districts in Kerala will be entered within one month.

Various services including remitting tax, changing ownership during the time of the sale of vehicles and various permits for transport vehicles can also be availed through the portal.

Crucially, the online facility would go a long way in curbing fraud. Use of fake number plates after altering the chassis number of old vehicles could be detected after examining the registration details entered on Vahan system. The vehicle model and the name of the owner entered here enable fraud detection.

Those who are not familiar with the use of computers may avail approach Akshaya Kendras and help desks at the offices of the Motor Vehicle Department for help to make use of the portal, officials said.

The national portal was launched in 2011, but it took a while for Kerala to retrieve and transfer data from its Road Transport Offices.

Blacklisting of vehicles

Meanwhile, Transport Commissioner has issued a circular to all deputy transport commissioners to initiate steps to blacklist vehicles on which traffic fines are due. Vehicle owners will not be allowed to remit tax, change ownership or apply for permits without paying the fines for the traffic offences registered.

Strict instructions have been issued to deputy transport commissioners for refusing various services to such vehicles in the future. There will be provisions in the VAHAN software to block services to such vehicles.

Such drastic measures ensues even when vehicle owners fail to submit check reports after remitting the fines for various traffic offences.