Meet Kerala's first Lamborghini Urus

Meet Kerala's first Lamborghini Urus

The superstar among cars in the world, Lamborghini Urus, has made its way to Kerala.

A native of the state's Kozhikode district, Abdul Aziz Chovvancherry is the proud owner of the first Lamborghini Urus to be registered in Kerala.

Abdul Aziz, who is businessman, had to shell out over Rs 73 lakh in road tax alone to get hold of the SUV which has an ex-showroom price tag of Rs 3.60 crore.

This is only the third Lamborghini to be registered in Kerala.

The Lamborghini Urus can be described as a wild beauty that is an instant eye-catcher. It is the lone SUV from the line-up of supercars from the Italian super sports carmaker. It combines power, speed and the ruggedness of an SUV. In Lamborghini’s own words, it is one vehicle that can be recognised in the first sight itself.

Family SUV

The name Lamborghini reminds one of super sports cars. So, when you ask Abdul Aziz why he chose an SUV, he says, “I did not want to buy a two-seater. I should be able to travel with my family. The Urus offers the performance of a sports car and the practicality of an SUV. That is why I chose the Urus. I had plans to buy a Bentley Bentayga first. But when I saw the Urus I changed my mind."

First car

Abdul Aziz bought his first car in 1992 – a Maruti 800. Then, it was one of the few cars in the area. Later, he upgraded to the Zen. The first car he bought from a showroom (Ernakulam) was Ford Escort. At present, apart from the Urus, he owns a Porsche Cayenne, Benz CLS and Mini Cooper, among others. When he is in the Gulf, he uses Benz GLS and GMC.

Meet Kerala's first Lamborghini Urus

Sporty SUV

In the first sight itself, you are sure to be smitten by the beauty of the Urus. This mean SUV is a mix of the sportiness of a performance car and the ruggedness of an SUV. Lamborghini cars can be customised according to the tastes of the customer.

The bonnet and the headlamps will remind you of supercar Aventador. The grille gets the honeycomb, blacked-out treatment. The headlamps are sleek. The day time running lamps and taillamps are in Y-shape and the indicators are integrated into the headlamps. The car runs on massive 21-inch wheels. The carbon ceramic brakes have 440 mm discs at the font, which Lamborghini claims is the biggest used in any car that is commercially produced. The rear has a sporty look with LED taillamps and a large boot door.

Meet Kerala's first Lamborghini Urus

The interior resembles a cockpit which combines luxury with a sporty feel. The AC vents are hexagonal in shape. The seats are heated and fully electric, 12-way adjustable with an option to fit an 18-way adjustable seat and the TFT instrument offers all the information regarding the car.

The mode selector are akin to the thrust levers of powerboats. The customer can choose the colour scheme for stitching. The Urus has a 360-degree surround view camera. The HD screen on the dashboard works as the camera display and the infotainment system comes with voice command and high definition display.

A sports car

The Urus has not deviated from its family lineage of a sports car. There are no doubts regarding power and speed. The Urus is powered by a 4-litre, twin-turbo, V8 petrol engine that develops 650 bhp of peak power and 850 Nm of peak torque. The Urus is one of the fastest SUVs available in the world now. It takes 3.6 seconds to do 0-100 km and 12.8 seconds to reach 200 km, with a top speed of 305 km per hour.

The car has six drive modes; the vehicle's suspension and performance will change with each mode. The Urus is equipped with air suspension that alters the car's ride height from 158 mm to 248mm.