Now, steam car wash to save water

Now, steam car wash to save water

Kakkanad: At a time when water scarcity looms large, wasting precious water by washing car is a cardinal sin. But this car wash facility here in Mavelipuram in Ernakulam district saves water while making the cars spic and span.

Caggo car wash, run by youngsters Ajmal and Jithin, uses steam to clean the vehicles and 4 cars could be washed with just 20 litres of water using a unique Korean technology. Usually a normal car wash consumes close to 100 liters of water. Just give a ring to the facility and they will be at your steps in a small van with a steamer and other equipment to wash your car. Twenty litres of water is boiled in a steamer at 135 degree Celsius and the steam thus generated is more than enough to clean 4 cars. There are also steamers with the capacity to boil 36 litres of water.

Ajmal and Jithin, who had been the best of buddies since school days, decided to open the car wash facility after a 7-month study of the technology that uses steam to wash cars. Ajmal was an employee in a private telecom firm and Jithin is a freelance web designer. Now, the duo have five units operating in Kochi.