Avoid these car accessories for better safety and performance

Avoid these car accessories for better safety and performance

When we buy a vehicle, most people opt to spruce it up with aftermarket accessories. In fact, accessories such as mobile chargers, phone holders and others are useful accessories. But there are some that could affect the running of the vehicle, result in accidents or make you liable for legal proceedings. Here are a few accessories that could look harmless but prove to be extremely dangerous and hazardous.

Bull bars

It is illegal to use bull bars to beef up the looks of a vehicle. The main villain for the failure of air bags during an accident is bull bars. This is because the impact of the accident may not reach the airbag sensors in the crumple zone and affect the system that triggers the deployment of airbags. So, more often than not bull bars that are supposed to provide safety work at cross-purposes.

Wider tyres

Each car takes shape after years of research. The width and height of the tyres are chosen as per the engine's performance and the vehicle's weight. However, several buyers use wider tyres than the one provided by the car manufacturers to provide a sporty look to the vehicle. This could result in the tyres rubbing the wheel arches that are not designed for larger tyres and result in speedy wear and tear. Bigger rims could rub against the metal parts in the wheel well or suspension components. Wider tyres also result in reduced mileage.

Blinding headlights

The trend towards brighter headlights has become a source of blinding glare. Such sporty headlights are not at all suitable for our dusty climate. The accidents these cause in the night are numerous. Besides, such lights affect the electrical components of the vehicle because they need much more voltage than the OEM bulbs. High-power lights will create unnecessary load on the wires and switches with lower ampere and lead to overheating and fires. Also, take care to cut wires at authorised service centres only. Otherwise it could affect the warranty of the vehicle.

Video screen

It is dangerous to fix a video screen just above the inside rear-view mirror. It could disrupt the focus of the driver and lead to accidents. Video screen can be fixed behind the front seats.


Big spoilers are a favourite among car owners. Spoilers are supposed to spoil aerodynamic lift and reduce drag, but they work only if they cut through the air at the correct angle. Otherwise the increased drag and weight will affect mileage drastically.

It is better to avoid accessories that affect the basic design of the car. A body lift kit is such an accessory. Body lift kits are used to increase the ground clearance of the vehicle for off-roading. But when driven on normal roads, body-lifted vehicles lose their balance and topple. Claiming insurance will be cumbersome. Another avoidable accessory is a sunroof which can compromise the structural strength of the car.