Truck tyre explodes: Miraculous escape for woman, infant | Video

Truck tyre explodes: Miraculous escape for woman, infant | Video
Screengrab from video

Some sights could send a shiver down your spine; even if you see it directly or through a video. And if people manage to escape they do so due to pure luck. A video that falls in this category is doing the rounds of social media.

Miraculous is the word people who have seen this video use in describing the escape. The footage shows a lorry tyre being filled with air exploding. A mother and her infant child standing next to it were thrown into the air but have a miraculous escape.

The shocking incident took place in China. The tyre flies into the head of the unsuspecting mother after exploding. The child is thrown from its mother's arm and the woman falls unconscious. The mother and the child were taken to hospital and surprisingly were confirmed to have escaped the accident with just minor scratches. It is believed that the explosion happened because the pump valve was left on, filling excessive pressure inside the tyre and leading to the eventual burst.

How to avoid this

Not just while filling air but while moving too tyres could explode. Keep these things in mind to avoid tyre bursts:

* Take a break: On a hot and sunny day, the best way to cool down tyres is to take frequent breaks. The moment the vehicle stops moving, the temperature in the tyres will start reducing. Hence, taking frequent breaks will help reduce the air temperature inside the tyres and prevent bursts.

* Do not cross 100 kmph: When you increase the speed of the vehicle, the friction between the road and the tyres too will increase. Increasing friction will send the temperature inside tyres soaring. Hence, avoid high speeds during summer. If possible, drive below 100 kmph.

* Maintain tyre pressure: When the tyres become old, their sidewalls become weak; such tyres are at risk of explosion. Hence, change tyres that are old. Even if they haven't run much or the treads are intact, it makes sense to change tyres that are more than six years old.

* No overloading: The only part of the vehicle that is in constant touch with the road is the tyre. Hence, overloading will increase pressure on the tyres. This too could lead to tyre bursts.