What to do if a live electric line falls on your vehicle | Video

What do to if a live electric line falls on your vehicle

Kerala has never received such heavy rain in the recent past and subsequent floods have plunged people into distress. Several vehicles were damaged as they were submerged in flood water and trees and even power lines fell on them. When an electric line hangs up close or on your vehicle, it is scary and panicky occupants try to come out carelessly and in the process get electrocuted.

People are unaware about what to do when live power lines fall on vehicles. When a live electric line falls on a vehicle, our first instinct will be to exit the vehicle. Never think about touching the line even unknowingly. Since the tyre of the car is made of rubber, it is safer to stay inside the car. Think about coming out of the car only if there is a chance of the vehicle catching fire. But if you need to exit, jump out of the vehicle without touching the electric line and touching its metal parts.

It is better to seek the help of others instead of deciding on one's safety. If one meets with such an accident at a deserted place seek the help of the fire force using mobile phone. In such a situation, one can also contact the police on 100. In an emergency, it could be the police who can reach earlier than the fire force.


* Never try to come out of the vehicle.

* It is safer to stay inside the vehicle since the tyre is rubber.

* Try to come out only if there is a chance of the vehicle catching fire.

* Do not touch the electric line.

* As you alight, when your leg touches the earth, make sure you are not in contact with the body of the vehicle.

* Also, ensure that no metal part of the vehicle is touching the road. If there is one, it could pose a danger.

* When you get out of the vehicle, step on to a place where there is no water.

* Also, make sure you place both the feet together on the ground.

* If you decide to stay put inside the vehicle, do not touch any metal parts.

* Once you are out of the vehicle, keep at least 50 metres' distance.

* Go close to the vehicle only after power supply has been disconnected.