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Last Updated Monday May 25 2020 03:59 AM IST

Test drive: Thunderbird X second coming is a study in style

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Thunderbird X second coming is a study in style

Royal Enfield has done the unthinkable. It has dared to experiment with its classic look in its latest model, Thunderbird X. In the process, it is sure to lure a whole lot of youngsters who can’t resist the temptation to tinker with the company design.

Enfield users tend to modify the alloy wheels, handlebar, seat, silencer and any other part to get that killer look on road. The new Thunderbird X gives them little room to modify though. Thunderbird 350 X and 500 X models belong to the future.


Fresh Look

Black is the dominant colour, laced with a smattering of silver. The elegant black covers the fender, side panels, engine and silencer. Chromium outlines accentuate the head lamp and the twin console meter. The choice of black for the interiors of headlight gives a majestic look to the new models. The daytime running lamp brings its own elegance to the motorbike. The nine-spoke alloy wheel is a novelty.

The engine coat comes in four colours: orange, blue, red and white. The alloy wheel is in harmony with the engine cover in the same colour.


The handlebar has underwent a significant change. The tall handlebar that stretched to the sides has given way to a short one.

The single-piece seat is another major change. Although the height remains the same, the seat wears a low-profile look. The grab-rail also went for a makeover and sits smug between the seat and the tail-lamp.


The fresh offerings from the Royal Enfield family have received overwhelming praise from young test drivers. The modified seat design has caught the attention of most of them.


The engine is left unchanged. Thunderbird 350 X is powered by the same 346 cc engine with 19.8 Bhp and 28 Nm torque.

The short handle makes Thunderbird X an easy ride and a better choice on congested city roads. The soft cushion of the seat makes your long rides equally comfortable.


Tester’s note

Even though there aren’t considerable changes in the engine, the other modifications are expected to shoot up sales. The short handle and single-piece seat have influenced the ride to a great extent. With these additions, the bike can be rated among the best for long rides. Thunderbird X would cost you about Rs 8,000 more than the previous version.

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