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Last Updated Monday May 25 2020 05:00 AM IST

Ducati Multistrada: One for the road, and offroad

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Ducati Multistrada: One for the road, and offroad

Ducati Multistrada is a versatile genius. The multibike glides over any terrain, be it a smooth highway or a mud track. It is for city rides as well as long hauls. Testdriving the Mutlistrada 1200 S, which is a seamless integration of the best technology from around the world.

Multistrada is a definite head-turner on any roads. The design is a revelation. Multistrada stands tall in the street. The massive tank and the muscular frame that covers the tank complement the high headlamps and long visor and make the motorbike a hunk.

A unique design element is the front fairing with two air intakes that resembles the beak of a giant bird. The broad headlamps are made of LED. They come with corner lights too.

The handlebar is also broad. Indicators are fitted on the hand guard. This is also LED. Large mirrors give a nice view of the rear. The fully digital console is almost a mini computer on the move. The console gives you all the information you need about the motorbike. It houses the tachometre, speedometre and trip metre and gives you information about fuel level, service details, lamp time, ABS, traction control and wheelie control.

Ducati Multistrada: One for the road, and offroad

You can connect your phone to the console via bluetooth to listen to music or make phone calls. You have the control switches near the left grip of the handlebar.

The key fob makes your life easy. Keep the key in your pocket. You don’t even need the key to lock the motorbike. You just have to keep pressing the lock switch near the right grip of the handlebar.

Though the motorbike is tall, the seats are low. They are broad though. The big grab rail and the broad tail lamp give the rear a strong look. The short double silencer is fitted on the flank.

Famed engine

Ducati Multistrada comes with the company’s famed Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing). The double cylinder liquid cooled engine has 1,198 cubic capacity. It has a power of 160 bhp at 9,500 rpm. Torque is 136 Nm at 7,500 rpm. The fuel injection system is electronic.

Ducati Multistrada: One for the road, and offroad

The Multistrada is built on a tubular frame and it weighs 232 kilograms. The seat is as high as 825 millimetre. It can be extended to 845 millimetre. People of average height will find it easy while short people may want to check the suitability again. The riding position lets you relax. The broad seat comes with comfortable cushions. The footpegs have strong grips.

Ducati Multistrada has four ride modes - sport, touring, urban and enduro. You can choose from among these according to the way you take and the mood you are in. Everything changes with the modes, including the performance of the engine and the set up of the suspension. If you have a pillion rider, you can change the settings accordingly. Have luggage? Choose another setting. The suspension will automatically adjust between hard and soft modes depending on the options you have set.

Multistrada has enviable power delivery in the sport mode. The motorbike roars even with the slightest twitch of the throttle. The ride-by-wire technology makes possible excellent throttle response. The engine’s power delivery comes in high, medium and low modes. The sport mode has high power delivery. Touring model is medium and urban and enduro models low power.

The anti-lock braking system (ABS), the Ducati traction control (DTC) that ensures good grip for the rear wheel, and the Ducati wheelie control (DWC) which keeps the front wheel firmly on the ground even in a power-charged situation add to the safety features. The traction control comes in eight levels and the ABS in three levels. The levels will change in accordance with the modes.

Ducati Multistrada: One for the road, and offroad

For instance, Traction level switches to six and ABS to three in urban modes. The wheelie control would be in five. In sport mode, traction control switches to three, ABS to two and wheelie control to one.

Ducati Multistrada deserves full marks in terms of stability and flexibility. The ABS system increases confidence in turnings. Both suspensions do a wonderful job.

Tester’s note

Ducati Multistrada is an easy ride compared to its rivals. Performance and stability are highly commendable. The highlight of Multistrada is its multirole. Add top technology to it and you have a star.

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