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Last Updated Monday May 25 2020 04:27 AM IST

The butch Bolero is now a compact car!

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Mahindra Bolero Power+ Mahindra Bolero Power+

If there is any car maker that has made it big by making the most of its meager resources, it is Mahindra. Making good use of the Willis Jeep technology that it got from the US eons ago, Mahindra laid solid foundations for its growth. Today, Mahindra can rival the latest American technology.

However, look closer and one can still find the technology inherited from Willis Jeeps in latest Mahindra vehicles. And, Mahindra's success can be attributed to integrating this tradition with modern technology. One such example is Bolero.

Latin connection

Bolero is a genre of slow-tempo Latin music and its associated dance. But for Mahindra Bolero the rhythm is only in the name.

Bolero can find its roots in Aramada Grand, which was Mahindra's first step in developing an SUV from the Jeep platform. Bolero can be described as the refined version of the rough and rugged Armada Grand.

It still has the old chassis which has helped it inherit the cult status of the Jeep and lord over broken stretches and deep potholes of Indian roads. Over the years the Bolero has undergone several changes to remain in game and the big news here is that it has got the famed MHawk engine.

Mahindra Bolero Power+

Power Plus

As the name suggests, the talking point of Bolero Power+ is its new engine and improved power. The old 2.5-litre four-cylinder m2DiCR engine gives way to the new generation 1.5 three-cylinder MHawk diesel. Though it can boast of only 1494 cc against the old powertrain's 2500 cc, it has 8 bhp more power than the old one that had 71 bhp.

Loses length

Along with the engine becoming smaller, the new Bolero has lost its length too – by 112 mm. This means it falls below 4 metres, thus bringing down the excise duty from 30% to 12.5%. The engine displacement that is below 1.5 litres has also helped in bringing down the taxes. The result is a mouth-watering drop of Rs 80,000 in its price. The beauty of the chop job is that it hasn't affected the overall looks of the vehicle. An inward slope for the front bumper, a tweak to the metal foot page at the rear and we get the new compact Bolero.

It's still a jeep

There is no another change in the exterior. It still sports the ubiquitous police vehicle look; you still get the right of way when you are in a Bolero!

The boxy shape common to vehicles like Mercedes G-Wagen’s has been retained to make the interiors airy and upright. It's so classy that Mahindra won't need to think about changing the design in the near future. Besides, since it is a Jeep, it is low on maintenance and the costs will also be low.

Mahindra Bolero Power+

More car

In in inside, it is more like a car now. And despite the chop job, the space has not been compromised. The seats are much better than the earlier ones. Equipment levels are identical to the standard Bolero. The dashboard is in wood finish; there is an electronic meter; onboard computer that gives audible warnings and Bluetooth stereo. Jump seats in the third row can accommodate two persons. Though it can't hold a candle to modern sedans, the interiors of the new Bolero can rival any SUV in this price bracket.

The drive

The new engine has made big difference on how it drives. It is a great performer, with enough torque available at lower revs. Now, there is no need to change gears in slow-moving city traffic or similar road conditions. The short gearing also helps things. It takes five seconds less to reach 0 to 100 than the standard Bolero. The gear shifts are much more precise, though nowhere closer to sedans. Noise, vibrations and harshness are gone with the new engine. The refinement levels are quite high, while mileage has gone up from 15.96 kmpl to 16.5kmpl. However, the ride quality remains identical to its elder sibling.

Mahindra Bolero Power+


Today, for Rs 7.24 lakh, only a Bolero Power+ can offer you the magnificence of the Jeep, the capabilities of an off-roading vehicle and facilities of a sedan. And that is the plus point of Bolero Power+.


Pothen's Mahindra 7558889243

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