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Last Updated Monday May 01 2017 05:57 AM IST


Heal Thy Self | Is your personality making you sick?

Experts say that slow accretion of damage from personality traits such as hostility, pessimism and chronic anxiety play significant roles not only in determining our mental health but also our physical health.

Run barefoot to boost your memory

Running barefoot is better than running with shoes for your working memory which refers to our ability to recall and process information.

Low levels of fat hormone may increase PTSD risk

People who have low levels of a fat hormone might be more prone to developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms if they are exposed to a traumatic event, new research suggests.

Beware! Daily stress can lead to diabetes

Unnecessary stress can not only give you headache or neck pain but, if left unattended for long, can also trigger elevation in blood sugar levels leading to Type 2 diabetes.

The games memory cells play

Do you face difficulty recollecting the name of a person who you met just yesterday? Do you search for hours for some stuff you have kept securely? Have you ever called up someone and wondered why in the world you dialled his number? Have you gone through anxious moments wondering whether you are

Sad music could tune in anxiety

London: Seems like it's time to change that melancholic tracks, a recent study suggests that listening to sad or aggressive music increase levels of anxiety and neuroticism in the listener.Clinical music therapists know the power music can have over emotions, and are able to use music to help their

Brain control helps paralysed man walk again

Washington: In a world's first such experiment, scientists have used non-invasive direct brain control system to get a person - with complete paralysis in both legs owing to spinal cord injury - to walk again.The participant, who had been paralysed from both legs (a condition called paraplegia) for

When memory pales behind a pall of gloom

Alzheimer’s disease affects the family more than the patient. Therefore, it is imperative that the family knows the disease better than the patient. When even the last traces of memory fade away in the patient, it is the family that should stay close to the patient and provide care. Care givers are

Unearth the potential of your mind

Kottayam: Offering a comprehensive solution for 'mental illumination', Suhani Shah, a name synonymous with mind care and hypnotic therapy, says there are two things that decide the course of one's life. One is Karma and the other is the way of thinking. Stressing that destiny is not something that

Your smile should be your weapon: R.S Sindhu

They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Some often get bogged down by the harsh realities of life and weep over the all that is unfair. But some choose to turn hay into gold. Meet Dr. R.S. Sindhu, one of Kerala's leading Surgical Gastroenterologists. She is the daughter of

Breathing-based meditation can beat stress

New York: The breathing-based meditation practice Sudarshan Kriya Yoga can effectively treat people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), reveals a promising study.Researchers at the centre for investigating healthy minds (CIHM) at Waisman Center of University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tips to de-stress at work place

Los Angeles: With a demanding boss, a long list of to-dos, and negative environment, you get stressed in office. Beat the stress by downloading an app or gorging on oranges.Take a two-minute mini vacationT: Choose one of your favourite vacation memories and relive it without

Mindfulness emerges as hottest meditative tool

Mindfulness is fast emerging as the hottest meditative tool, which is known to contribute to our wellbeing and productivity.Mindfulness is all about being focussed on the present moment, which has the power to liberate one from the shackles of past failures or pointless day dreaming about the

Stress management can reduce Alzheimer's risk

New Delhi: Change in lifestyle accompanied by proper stress management and indulgence in cognitive activities and socialising can help manage and reduce the risk factors for Alzheimer's disease, according to experts.Though Alzheimer's is not curable, but lifestyle modifications like engaging in

Alcohol addiction recovery may trigger insomnia

New York: For people in the early phases of recovery from alcohol addiction, insomnia is a "prevalent and persistent" problem.Recent studies showed that the incidence of insomnia during early recovery may be five times higher than the general population and may persist for months to

Brain variations may help treat OCD

New York: Researchers have discovered that identifying brain variations may help physicians predict who would respond positively to surgeries to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).OCD is a debilitating disorder characterised by repetitive intentional behaviours and intrusive

Rotating night shift shortens lifespan

Washington: Rotating night shift work deteriorates health in general, enhances the development of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD), and contributes to higher mortality, new research has confirmed.Women working rotating night shifts for five or more years had a modest increase in

Tracing the link between sleep and memory

Washington: Finding a new co-relationship between sleep and memory, a recent study on flies has discovered that sleep, memory and learning are deeply connected.When dorsal paired medial (DPM) neurons, memory consolidators in Drosophila, were activated, the flies slept more; when deactivated, the

Be positive and say bye to stress

To retain youthfulness our minds should be conditioned for it. The health of body is in many ways linked to a healthy mind.1.Mental stress should be avoided at any cost. This is detrimental to the brain cells. No matter how challenging a situation is, never be disheartened. Not all

Air pollution can hamper your kids' memory

London: Admitting your kids to schools located near busy roads or in areas with high levels of air pollution could hamper their intellectual development, new research suggests.Attendance at schools exposed to high levels of traffic-related air pollution is linked to slower cognitive development

Stress from family can turn you obese

New York: Experiencing certain family stress repeatedly throughout the childhood can make kids obese by the time they turn 18, research has found.While maternal poor health can make boys obese by the time they turn 18, long-term exposure to financial stress and family disruption can make adolescent

Open up to keep the blues at the bay

"I tried to commit suicide at 16 and now I'm standing here," he said. "I would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere. You do. Stay weird. Stay different, and then when it's your turn and you are standing on this stage please pass the same

Friendships to affect health in midlife

Washington: The number of friends we have when we are young may have a significant impact on our emotional health later in life, a new study suggests.However, as we get older it is the quality of social relationships that benefit our well-being later in life, researchers have found.Researchers from