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Last Updated Monday May 01 2017 05:54 AM IST


Selfless people have a better sexual life

A recent study showed that people unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others - were found to have greater success at dating and sex. Read more.

Alcohol, pot may influence sexual behavior

The researchers noted that the sexual effects tended to be similar across males and females, and both alcohol as well as marijuana were generally associated with loss of inhibitions.

Eat less to boost your sex life

If you are calorie conscious and have kept your meals to the healthier side to shed those extra kilos, cheer as there is another, bigger reason to do so - better action between the sheets.

Extra sleep will ramp up your sex life

Ladies, please take note! If you are experience a sudden dip in your sexual desire, try to sleep an extra hour tonight and reap its benefits between the sheets the very next day.

Nirodh condoms to get visual facelift

India is readying a redesign of the staid packaging of its half-century-old condom brand, incorporating pictures of handsome men and gorgeous women.

Give your sex life a caffeine kick

Having two to three cups of coffee a day could spice up those intimate moments between you and your partner, an interesting research has found.

Sex: Women's night is men's morning

When it comes to sex, most women prefer to make love precisely at 11.21 pm before hitting the sack while men love to get romantic at 7.54 am for a perfect office start.