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Last Updated Saturday April 29 2017 01:00 PM IST


Take a walk, stay smart

The foot's impact during walking sends pressure waves through the arteries that significantly modify and can increase the supply of blood to the brain

4 special exercises for women to keep fit

Here’s listing the simplest and fun-to-do workouts as suggested by a fitness trainer which women can either do at a fitness centre or while just taking a stroll around the nearby community park.

Water might be the new secret to weight loss

According to researchers, drinking water which contains no carbohydrates, fat or protein – key factors for obesity – may help avoid overeating and thus lead to a healthier weight.

Yoga may not help asthma sufferers much

Although yoga can be considered an alternative to breathing exercises for asthma patients, new research has found that there is little evidence that it will cure the symptoms.

Yoga improves memory, reduces risk of Alzheimer's

If you are trying to offset the risk for developing memory loss or Alzheimer's disease, regular practice of yoga and meditation could be a simple, safe and low-cost solution to improving brain fitness.

10 things to note while doing yoga | Pics

Yoga consists of a set of postures intended to increase longevity through regular practice founded on control of the senses and observance of physical and spiritual hygiene.

10 simple steps to facial yoga

Facial yoga, the practice of exercising with special breathing patterns for facial muscles and other parts of the face like lips, nose, forehead and ear is prevalent today.

Embrace yoga to age gracefully | Video

Yoga won't give you immortality but this ancient discipline of bringing union between the body, mind and spirit can definitely help you fight age - both physical and mental, say health and wellness experts.

Jogging helps you stay sharp

Jogging can enhance the development of new brain cells that play an important role in learning and memory of adults, new research has found.

The rowing advantage

Rowing is a full body workout that is cardiovascular as well as muscle intensive.

Let grandpa walk the dog for a healthier life

For older adults who share a special bond with pets like dog, walking can benefit in lowering body mass index (BMI), cause fewer doctor visits and more frequent exercises, and increase in their social circle.

Tackling muscle cramps

Muscle cramps are a pain in one or a combination of muscles. Here is how you could tackle it.

Krav Maga: A fighting chance

There are neither any rules to follow, nor any tournaments to be won. Krav Maga is just about one thing: survival.

Dhoni asks for '1 hour of fitness'

India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has asked Indians to join him for the '1 hour of fitness' movement under the 'MSD4India' campaign.

'Indian men bigger fitness freaks than women'

Be it aspiring actors, students or athletes or obese people, Snap Fitness health club, which is set to invest about Rs.350 crore in expansion plans, gets clients with different needs.

From sole to soul

Reflexology works on the premise that the feet and the palm, which host all the nerve endings of the body, are a reflection of the body.