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Last Updated Monday May 01 2017 05:59 AM IST


Eat broccoli, it keeps cancer at bay

Consuming broccoli or brassica vegetable like kale or cabbage every three or four days may also lower the risk of cancers and other degenerative diseases. The scientists identified genes in broccoli that control the accumulation of phenolic compounds associated with a lowered risk of coronary

Pumpkin seeds can ensure radiant skin

While pumpkins get all the attention as a super food, the seeds, too, are nutritional powerhouses containing manganese, copper, zinc, protein and magnesium.

The ideal diet for air travel

Here is a diet chart for air travel, assuming that the person is on flight during the day and reaching in the evening or night.

Cherry juice can help reduce high BP

Drinking cherry juice can significantly reduce high blood pressure, particularly in males with early hypertension, to a level comparable to that achieved by medication.

Beware of sugar

Experts recommend the daily intake of sugar to not exceed six teaspoons for women and nine for men.

Three diet tips to tackle Candida

Candida is a fungus present in the body. Too much of it spells trouble. Here are three diets tips that can help you tackle the issue.

Three cheers to coffee

It is well-documented that consuming alcohol is associated with an increased risk of liver cancer.

Maggi: To eat or not to eat?

Ever since Food Safety and Drug Administration (FSDA) in Uttar Pradesh found that Maggi has mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) and lead more than the permissible limits, there has been a deluge of sorts on social media.

Cinnamon can prevent food poisoning

Cinnamon is also an effective anti-bacterial agent and can help prevent some of the most serious food-borne illnesses caused by pathogenic bacteria.

Go Green to stay Beautiful

Feeling sad about your skin? Want to be healthier, slimmer, smarter, or more beautiful? Then go for green!