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Last Updated Wednesday April 19 2017 05:16 PM IST


Know how to get good sleep

Sleep deprivation may result in impairment of judgment, depression, heart problems, obesity and reduction in general well-being of an individual.

Does your child have Hay Fever? Read this

If your child sneezes a lot or if the nose is often stuffy or running , or if their eyes, mouth or the skin often feels itchy, then they might be having allergic rhinitis or Hay fever.

Are you sneezing the right way?

Did you know that improper sneezing and coughing can injure your health and that of those of around you? We provide you with a few tips to sneeze the proper way.

This Ramzan, stay healthy and wise

An expert believes that the changes in daily habits should be in synch with matters of health care even as believers enter the month of observation of fast for holy Ramzan.

Dear Mommy, please take care of yourself!

Mother's Day is the best time to spend the day talking to your mothers, their unexpressed needs and their long-overlooked health issues that are often swept under the carpet.

A grown-up attitude to what you serve to kids

Parents who are proud that they are bringing up their children by giving all necessary things such as the food they like, good education and excellent facilities must know this shocking prediction.

Staying healthy in the Monsoons

The monsoons are also the season that brings with it, a number of diseases and sickness from the common cold, runny noses to even bigger afflictions.

Fighting gum diseases

Researchers Zisheng Tang and his colleagues focused on the antimicrobial property of GO against dental pathogens as an alternative to traditional antibiotics to get rid of bacteria that cause gum disease.

Diabetes puts night owls at risk

Night owls—people who sleep late and wake up late—are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes and reduced muscle mass compared to early risers.