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Last Updated Thursday March 30 2017 08:01 AM IST

10 simple Ayurvedic methods to tackle diabetes

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According to the science of Ayurveda, there are 20 types of diabetes. They are Udakameham, Ikshumeham, Pishtameham, Suklameham, Lalameham, Sanairmeham, Sikatameham, Seethameham and Sandrameham, which are caused by phlegmatic (kapha) disorders.

Apart from these, there are six types of Pitta related diabetes named Manjishtameham, Neelameham, Kalameham, Haridrameham, Shonithameham and Ksharameham; and four Vata related diabetes named Vasameham, Majjameham, Hastimeham and Madhumeham. Therefore, expert diagnosis is essential for scientific ayurvedic treatment.

Diet drinks for diabetic patients

Diabetes as we understand it today from the directives of modern science is most similar to the type mentioned above named madhumeham, which Ayurvedic texts consider untreatable. Therefore, treatment of diabetes must be done with great care under proper guidance of a physician. A physically fit patient has to undergo stages of purgative treatments like Vamanam and Virechanam before Shamanam. Here are a few simple methods you could try at home:

Simple methods

1. Extract 25 ml juice of turmeric and raw gooseberry, mix them in honey and consume it in empty stomach. Crush gooseberry to extract one ounce of juice, add two teaspoons of dried and powdered turmeric and take it in empty stomach. It is also good to take 20 grams of mashed raw gooseberry and turmeric daily in empty stomach.


2. Keep 4-5 pieces of thetambaral in water overnight and consume it in the morning after mixing it in butter milk.

3. Consume every day in empty stomach 25 mg of Chittamruthu (heart-leaved moonseed) juice mixed with honey.

4. Powder equal amount of ekanayakam (Salacia reticulate) root and Thetambaral and take two spoonfuls twice a day.

5. Take twice a day a mixture of ekanayakam and turmeric (20 gm) blended in butter milk that has not turned sour.

6. Prepare a concoction of puliyari thondu and gooseberry, and consume 20 ml mixing it with the bran of njavara rice, twice a day.


7. Crush the peel of murikku (20 gm), mix it with buttermilk or honey and consume.

8. Mash anjukoovalathila, roll it into a ball and consume it in empty stomach.

9. Prepare a concoction of Triphala, turmeric, peel of jamun, peel of nalpamara and peel of neermathalam (temple plant), root of cherula and peel of pachoti to get relief from diabetes. If you can’t collect all these items together, choose three things from the list that are available and mix it with ekanayakam to prepare concoction.

10. Consume 5 gm of powdered Shilajit (use only pure small honey if needed).

Pathyam (dietary restrictions)

Proper exercise is the ultimate ‘pathyam’. A renowned Ayurvedic text named Chakradatham instructs that if you are ready to walk 100 yojana (1 yojana = 12 km) like a sage who is engrossed in mortification with no sandals or umbrella, you will have relief from diabetes. Walking briskly for 45 minutes can help cure many diseases.


Include like buttermilk, rasam made of green gram (do not add oil or coconut), gooseberry, turmeric, snake gourd and malar in your diet.


Completely avoid day time sleep and lack of exercise. In the diet, avoid these foods: Curd, ghee, fish, meat, sugar, jaggery, mashed food items, Poovan banana, coconut and root vegetables.

The opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of Malayala Manorama. The responsibility of opinions expressed here lies solely with the author. According to the IT Act, derogatory statements towards an individual, community, religion and country as well as the use of obscene words are punishable offenses. Legal action will be taken against such practices.
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