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Last Updated Tuesday July 25 2017 02:13 AM IST

Who is the real winner in the battle of Munnar?

Sriram has reasons to be happy. He could consider the promotion as a recognition for his good work, like Sreshta Thakur IPS, who was transferred for taking action against several BJP leaders in UP.

How elder-friendly is Kerala?

Senior citizens are an ignored lot in Kerala, despite spending a lifetime struggling to keep their family and society affluent.

Block the screen, for your child's sake

In Kerala, in spite of the fact that we stand first in terms of literacy and education, we do not seem to be so uncomfortable with the fact that our children are getting addicted to internet and electronic gadgets.

Have we lost focus on child labor?

What moral argument can the world have when 210 million adults who are jobless or unemployed are mostly the parents of 168 million child laborers?

What ails the Pinarayi administration?

Only if the LDF initiates confidence-building measures with a wary bureaucracy, shrugs off political apathy and tames the CMO's super authority status can it hope to regain the trust quotient it has so easily forfeited.

No Minister, we need those canals

The Kerala government’s refusal to start new irrigation projects and its eagerness to scrap existing ones raise doubts about clarity of policy.

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