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Last Updated Tuesday November 21 2017 03:51 PM IST

What it takes to clean Modi's Ganga

Prime minister Narendra Modi may be as pure as Ganga but his ambitious plan to clean and develop the country's longest river has never really taken off.

Bidding good riddance to Abdul Basit

The outgoing Pakistan high commissioner's aggressive and even non-diplomatic style of functioning was blamed for the plummeting of ties between India and Pakistan.

Playing the Trump card right

An assessment by the external affairs ministry is that no unfavorable policy decision against India has been taken during the first 100 days of the president.

The fault in Kejriwal’s stars

Kejriwal should focus on making the AAP significant by ensuring that the party is not cut away from the doctrines established at the time of its inception.

Muzzling the voices of dissent

Amit Shah has taken the election to the largest state as a personal challenge, and has spent the last one year on different regions of the state.

Of Modi, Trump and India-US ties

A meeting between Trump and Modi will be of great significance for India as the country has both high hopes and deep fears regarding the policies of Trump.

Fiddling with the rupee

The BJP has defended Modi's foreign trip saying he had made all arrangements to deal with the aftermath of demonetization, and had told banks to work on weekends.

Kashmir unrest may trigger Vohra's exit

Jammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra was all set for a quiet retirement in 2013 when the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked him to continue for another term.

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