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Last Updated Sunday February 26 2017 10:16 PM IST

by TP Sreenivasan

The writer is a former diplomat and the deputy chief of the council for higher education in Kerala.

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Modi with Chandy

Pravasi jamboree loses luster

As the 14th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention is about to begin at the end of this week, indications are that it is not likely to attract the kind of participation it used to receive in its early years.

Straight Talk

by Guest Columnists

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Road accident

Nemesis on roads

Data on accident deaths at nights indicate that most victims are youngsters.


Here's why demonetization can still be a success

The govt will be hoping that the entire money comes back as it can show it as proof that its surgical strike on black money that caused innocent people great difficulties has ended up benefiting the poor.

US flag

The dawn of a Yankee Spring

America is witnessing an intense fight between the urban, well-heeled blonde chic with purple lipstick and the apron-clad rural blonde baking cookies in her farm.

Vakkom Moulavi

Vakkom Moulavi: An unsung hero in Indian journalism

It has been 84 years this Oct. 31 since Vakkom Moulavi died but the man who blazed the trail of political journalism is yet to be given credit for his use of journalism for socio-religious reformation.

UDF meet

All eyes on Congress revamp

The appointment of DCC presidents is a big step towards recovering and reviving Congress' force and restoring the fortunes of the party.


Network now to build your American Dream

Get out of your comfort zone and network, says Holly Singh, Sr. Director, at Arizona State University (ASU), currently enrolling the highest number of international students of any public university in America.


A vulgar laugh in Kerala assembly

Jokes, rather say insults, and guffaws have always been — in the past as well as today — represented the expression of masculinity and power.

Entrance exam

An annual ritual we need to put an end

It is high time we evolved a mechanism that would put an end to the annual confrontations over the process of admission and the fee structure at self-financing institutions, writes Oommen Chandy.

Hispanic voters

The year of the Hispanic voter in America

A massive demographic shift is happening and 27.3 million Hispanic voters, approximately 18 percent of all eligible US voters, will have a definitive say in the politics of this country.


by Onmanorama Staff

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OPS, aka a lesson in politics

The SC verdict has put an end to the days of political buffoonery in Tamil Nadu, which was showing faces at the saner sensibilities of citizenry, civic discipline and constitutional order.


Why we should welcome the disruptors

Trump, demonetization ... the disruptors are having a field day. Love them or hate them, but that is the Universe's way of knocking us off our comfortable orbits, and making the world more exciting for future generations.

National anthem row: What the law says

National anthem row: What the law says

The national anthem became a hot topic of discussion after the Supreme Court ordered that “all the cinema halls in India shall play the national anthem before the feature film starts and all present in the hall are obliged to stand up to show...

Narendra Modi

The black-less white Utopia

It's easy to fool simple, honest, patriotic people. They will even die for you if you offer them hopes of a utopia. Modi is doing just that.


Insensitivity, thy name is teacher

The lack of sensitivity and ham-handedness that most of our teachers exhibit in dealing with the issues related to teenaged students is shocking, to say the least.

Saikat Basu

by Saikat Kumar Basu

A freelance journalist based in Canada and India.

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Dream for a greener India

Dream for a greener India

In spite of several short comings and numerous pitfalls, India has continued to grow as a great nation; but much needs to be done for greater achievements.

Sachidananda Murthy

by Sachidananda Murthy

Resident Editor @ Malayala Manorama

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Muzzling the voices of dissent

Amit Shah has taken the election to the largest state as a personal challenge, and has spent the last one year on different regions of the state.

Rakesh Asthana

A battle for supremacy

It was for the first time in 10 years that none was named to succeed an incumbent CBI chief.

Chandrasekhar Rao residence

People's money, KCR's luxury

The chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are pretty much united when it comes to their love for luxury.


Of Modi, Trump and India-US ties

A meeting between Trump and Modi will be of great significance for India as the country has both high hopes and deep fears regarding the policies of Trump.


Fiddling with the rupee

The BJP has defended Modi's foreign trip saying he had made all arrangements to deal with the aftermath of demonetization, and had told banks to work on weekends.

Kashmir unrest

Kashmir unrest may trigger Vohra's exit

Jammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra was all set for a quiet retirement in 2013 when the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asked him to continue for another term.

Bibek Debroy

Cutting flab, drawing flak

Bibek Debroy's reports seeking to cut the government's size trigger discomfiture in the echelons of power.

Narendra Modi

The unbearable silence of the PM

Narendra Modi may get the nickname of mouni baba that he conferred to Manmohan Singh, thanks to the prime minister's silence on sensitive issues.


When fortune smiles at 75

The rule of 75 years age limit for ministerial appointments brought contrasting fortunes to two women who are relatives of veterans of the Congress party.


The poster wars in UP

Like in all parties, posters play an important role in the power tussles within BJP.

Modi and Raghuram Rajan

Modi and the Rajan effect

The buzz in the capital is all about whether the PM will offer a second term for the high-profile RBI governor.

Amit Shah

The campaign trail

The BJP headquarters in Delhi is seeing less activity and even comparatively less tension, once the polling got over in Assam.

Arun Jaitley

Reform hopes, rollback of sops

Jaitley who is pushing hard for the success of the government's new pension scheme at the cost of PF had to beat a hasty retreat.


Wary Modi to don campaign gear again

Simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha polls is one way to get rid of the constant invites for poll campaigning, but political parties are not keen on this.

Kanhaiya Kumar

JNU stand-off and its poll aftermath

Weeks after the stormy events in Jawaharlal Nehru University, which led to a police crackdown and sedition charges against student union leader Kanhaiah Kumar and others, political parties are debating the wider impact the issue had on citizens and...

Smriti Irani

Lofty debates in Parliament

The Budget session witnessed some impressive speeches taking the debates in the House to different plain.


Delhi's partisan police, a threat to democracy

Bassi had lot of provocation as Kejriwal had used an extremely defamatory word for the Delhi police, which led to a police constable filing a defamation case against the chief minister.


Congress back in spotlight

The Congress has suddenly become the focus of political attention in two large cities and a small enclave on the eastern coast.Political observers in the metropolitan cities of Kolkata and Chennai as well as the former French colony of Puducherry...

Pawar launches counter attack after Modi diatribe

Looking beyond numbers

The huge turnout of dignitaries from across the political spectrum for the 75th birthday celebrations of Sharad Pawar in Delhi has given rise to speculation that the political strongman may emerge as a consensual candidate for President's post when...

Pawar launches counter attack after Modi diatribe

And the next President is...

Talk doing the rounds about Pawar is an indication that the presidential election of 2017 could become an interesting tussle.

David Coleman Headley

Mr 'Bond' and the Headley bait

The decision of a Mumbai court to make David Coleman Headley an approver in the Mumbai terror attack case has put the role of government agencies in the spotlight. Some government officials credit the National Security Adviser (NSA) Ajit Doval, a...


PM Modi's subtle change of tact

AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh is of the view that the BJP's crushing defeat in Bihar Assembly polls has succeeded in bringing about a change in the approach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Singh sees the invitation to the former prime...

Mulayam Singh

The birthday politics

Birthday bashes of political leaders generate both bonhomie and controversies. In the last few years, the most colourful and extravagant celebrations are conducted in the small Uttar Pradesh town of Saifai, to wish a long life to the Samajwadi Party...

Narendra Modi

BJP's winter of discontent

Due to a hectic schedule abroad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got little time to prepare politically for a stormy Winter Session of Parliament.In the next four weeks, Modi will travel to Malaysia for the East Asia summit, to Singapore for a...


The politics of memorials

Bahujan Samaj Party president Mayawati has taken a pledge not to build memorials for the icons of the party if the BSP comes to power in the Assembly elections in 2017.During her five-year term as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh from 2007 to 2012,...

Fadnavis sworn in as first BJP CM of Maharashtra

Who will tame the loose talkers?

The Bharatiya Janata Party's pride of being a disciplined party is in tatters as men and women in responsible positions, both in the party and the government, have been shooting off their mouths on various issues, without checking the line of either...

Ram Jethmalani

Battle against black money

Even in his nineties, Ram Jethmalani continues to make news. An ace criminal lawyer and a long-time parliamentarian, the acerbic Jethmalani has taken on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of bringing black money stashed abroad by Indian...

P Kishore

by P Kishore

Special Correspondent @ Malayala Manorama

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Making gold from scrap

Established scrap dealers lead a lifestyle that matches the rich and powerful in India.


The economics of 'Kabali'

Kabali's turnover could raise awe and envy: Even before its release, the film collected Rs 223 crore.


The call of the print

P. Kishore writes about how Self Publishing has become a boom and how publishers are minting good money out of it.


Startups begin to sit down

Ventures that are started without much fanfare, in modest surroundings, would see a steady flow of customers, while those launched in prime areas with lots of advertisements could soon wind up.

Net Release

A lowdown on net release

There are some businesses that carry fancy names, but hardly make money. One of them is net release, something that film makers have been clamouring for a long time now.

Traditional Online

The digital threat to traditional business models

Uber, which owns no vehicles, becoming the world’s largest taxi company, and Alibaba emerging as the largest retailer without possessing any inventory, are two good examples of the latest trend.

 Zuckerberg seeks peace with telcos on Web-for-all push

A shift to minimalistic settings

Big businesses have now condescended to the level of new generation business leaders because it is ultimately the deal that matters.

Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani and ‘governpreneurship’

The profile of people entering government service is changing in a big way. Compared to people who joined government service because they were good for nothing else, new entrants know IT, have new ideas and are keen to work. The reason for...


Luddites' own Kerala

Even though Kerala is touted as God's own country, we are actually Luddites’ own country. Even though they originated in England in the 19th century, their descendents are now in Kerala more than anywhere else. During the industrial revolution in...

Car mechanics

Dwindling workshops and mechanics

When I went to a car workshop recently, it had only a chief mechanic and his assistant. I heard the sound of only small repairs there, which was once a famous service centre in the city. The mechanic is old, and he complained that it was hard to...


Getting the most out of Indian 'elephant' economy

Those preparing for a government employment need to learn a lot. To perform well in PSC and UPSC exams, one has to learn about a host of government programmes and with the Centre announcing new schemes at the drop of a hat, it is becoming tough to...


Gopi Kallayil’s secret mantra for success

Kochi: Of all living beings in this planet, man is different. Unlike other living beings, who don’t have any obligation towards life, man is eternally in search for a meaning to his life. He is not just satisfied with having just food and drink and...

Lakshmanan's tea shop, a wonder in Kannur

Nothing to stall booming tea stalls

Standing bars became popular in Kerala, when bars had their heydays in the state. People could go into a standing bar, buy a quick drink, gulp it on one go and then leave, neat and ‘fit’; it hardly took five minutes for the whole process to...

Uber taxi

The taxi app revolution

Revolutions in taxi segments are either very quiet and or associated with a lot of sound and fury. From a few years ago when people were afraid to hire a taxi for even going to the hospital to the modern times when apps are ruling the business, the...


Branding it right

Even though some would like to believe that Apple has lost some of its sweetness, the brand is the top name in the world in terms of brand value. In fact, four of the top brands are names that are based in Silicon Valley and they are: Apple, Google,...

Business Boom

Buffaloes are the new cash cows

A business entrepreneur in the Gulf happens to be an infamous baddie at home. He has earned quite a lot in the Gulf and goes around with his henchmen in luxurious cars. Of course, he is a good boy in the Gulf and would not dare to bare his dark side...


Snob Tiffin, health tiffin

Tiffin companies make a killing by pampering the rich ones who think the sky will fall down if they miss one helping of protein or dietary fibre.

Migrants undeterred by Balkan storms and Hungarian clampdown

Refugee crisis: Europe eyes mutual benefit

As per a stereotypical notion, Malayalees, who suffer from work aversion back home, automatically transform into hard workers once they leave the State. The Malayali diaspora is known for its discipline in the workplace across the globe as they are...

Hardik Patel

The technology behind the Patel stir

Why are the Patels pitching a strike against the government in Gujarat? While some believe that the stir gets its energy from the ‘interest’ of some, it is actually a global phenomenon called Technology Displacement which is driving the stir. This...

Boutique Boom

Boutique boom and subsequent 'kaboom'

The boutique business seems to be the most sought after, the most launched and the most shut-down business in Kerala. People who do not know the basics of business start boutiques that close down in one to two years. Those who have assets would...

China urges Sri Lanka to protect interests of investors

It’s disruption, not change!

English is in a state of flux, and this is the age of verbs turning into nouns. Today, connect is used as a noun, and connection is outdated. There is not just a connect, but disconnect too. Some will say problematic in place of problem. In this...

Trip to Africa

Hark, it's Africa calling

No one had urged Keralites to go to Ceylon, Singapore, Burma or the Gulf. Without government help or incentives, Keralites explored lands on his/her own and set up enterprises from eateries to hyper malls in distant lands. Now, its Africa's turn to...

Startup Village

Capital is no longer an issue; start-ups shoot up

The start-up companies are gaining prominence at the expense of traditional trade houses who have been doing business for generations at the blink of an eye. The new business houses are establishing themselves with the investments of hundreds of...

Mobile App

An app that traps field staff

With the arrival of smart phones, it is hard to say when you will land in trouble. Earlier, companies did not have any means to find out where their field staff were going. There was a time when sales and marketing field staff used to report their...

Employee health is company’s wealth: New corporate mantra

New corporate mantra

An IT company is laying a running track around its 30-acre campus for its desk-bound employees to stretch a leg, while another one is subsidising pedometers for its employees to count the calories they burn with each step. Almost all companies,...


Rain or shine, ice cream is hot

Some people go out of business when the rain comes. Juice, milkshake and sherbet sellers shut shop after brisk sales in the summer. But ice cream is one business that refuses to be intimidated by the monsoon. It survives the season with just a 40...

Puthepurakkal House

Chinese invasion in tile business

There are many businessmen who have given up their ventures because of imports from China. People and traders need only Chinese products. Not just small businesses, even business giants in India will surrender and fold before Chinese competition. A...

Narendra Modi

A year of hope for business sector

As the Narendra Modi Government completes its first year in office on Tuesday, it is pertinent to note the question put forward by noted writer Shobha De when beef ban was imposed in Maharashtra and later, when the State government insisted on...

Go to Gulf to see Malayali entrepreneurship

Go to Gulf to see Malayali entrepreneurship

There is a steady stream of creative people from Kerala to Gulf these days. If you can shell out about 25,000 dirhams, you can start your own company and be on your own.

The Interview

A Korean comedy & commerce

Terence Hill-Bud Spencer and Laurel-Hardy, the celebrated Hollywood comedy duos, gave us the heartiest laughs of our childhood. These days, Rogan-Franco duo rule the roost. Pineapple Express is the finest example. The comedy cousin's latest...


by Shalini Anna Dominic

Writer based in Kochi

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No room for compromise, no shades of gray

If our goal is to find a solution to the many problems that we face in the public and private sphere, a degree of flexibility, openness to the views of others, civility in debate, and a willingness to negotiate might garner us better results than...


The great Indian election circus

Every trick in the book is being employed by the ringmasters to convince a jaded audience to give the show another chance to impress.

Roy Paul

by K Roy Paul

The author is a former Civil Aviation Secretary and former member, Union Public Service Commission

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Government files

Time for governance

The government will have to reach out not only to apolitical social forces but also to political opponents and recognize ground realities.


The crisis of democracy

A vibrant democracy requires that the people should have the option of choosing one or the other of at least two national parties.

Deve Gowda

Coalition politics: Kerala's sorrow

What is unique about the Kerala coalition firmament is that people like R Balakrishna Pillai, TM Jacob and Baby John have been hailed as state-level leaders though their parties would not be able to come to power even in a panchayat on their own.

Lauding 'Leader', Chennithala's veiled attack on Chandy

Between Tweedledum and Tweedledee

In the run-up to another assembly election, Keralites have the unenviable task of choosing between two fronts with only marginal differences in their programmes.

Sitaram Yechury

by Sitaram Yechury

Sitaram Yechury is the General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist)

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Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi

Let flowers bloom and ideas clash

Dialogues are debate of ideas and it is only through clash of ideas that civilizations advanced, it is this process that is under threat, writes Sitaram Yechury.


An elevated expression of humanism

Sree Narayana Guru used spirituality as a propelling force for upward social mobility of the people, says CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury.