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Last Updated Thursday May 04 2017 07:23 AM IST


A contemporary house that has two faces

The young architect, Dr Josna Raphael, believes that geometrical shapes in architecture are best suited for the weather conditions and lifestyle of Kerala.

Christmas tree : New trends

With the changing times, and shrinking spaces, Christmas Trees are also getting a makeover. Here are some amusing trends that kept cropping up in our searches.

DIY: A Christmas tree from recycled bottles

And with Christmas just round the corner, put on your creative caps and get your kids to help you out. They will certainly enjoy cutting up those used water bottles that are lying around the house.

The new face of a 15-year-old home

Renovating a home does not mean that you go outright and bring down the whole house. You need to take a sensible stock of what can be retained and replaced.

Bottled up Decor!

In Jojo’s hands, plain bottles turn into priceless works of art! Meet the master creator from Pala, Kottayam

Escape to Malabar House at Fort Kochi

A unique ‘East meets West’ experience welcomes you the minute you enter Malabar House at Fort Kochi. Designer Joerg Drechsel takes you to a new haven of architecture.

The Lara: a sight to behold

'The Lara' which is built on 5,700 sq. ft. plot located beside the Oachira National Highway is indeed a sight to behold.

A complete package on 2.9 cents

Young designer duo Tomstoy and Susheel ensured that this house which is located at a corner of the street had breathtaking exteriors.

Old wine in a new bottle!

The Puthenveetil home in Ernakulam is one such where both modern and traditional architectural styles go hand in hand.

The house of bamboo in Myanmar

This house in Myanmar is an example of how a place of shelter can easily blend in with it's surrounding and still adored by many.Here are a few pictures that would leave you awestruck.

Jewel Mary and her dreams

'It is not so hard to gel into the role of a housewife. In fact it is really adventurous,' remarks Jewel Mary.

A house wedded to space

Welcome to this dream home of doctor couple Bobby K. Mathew and Swapna at Kadavantra, in Kochi. Step in, and you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Five trends that are back this summer

With the onset of summer in the capital, linen furnishings, pastel shades and all-natural products have emerged as the top home décor trends this year

A smart house in eight cents

A demand of the owners when they wanted to build the home was that it should have a modern design, incorporating essential facilities.

This is not a run-of-the-mill house

Shiju and his family did not want a run-of- the- mill style contemporary homes, so they decided to choose a design that was unique in every aspect and the designers delivered.

Revathy Kalamandir: An architectural marvel

Film academy Revathy Kalamandir has walls made following the 'rammed earth' style that mixes sand along with cement and the 'cob method' that combines sand, straw and clay.

5 tricks to perfect interiors

Are you confused and frustrated about doing-up the interiors of your homes? Here are five tricks that could help ease your tension.

My home - my minimalist dream

Shibu Varghese, a as sales director at a leading company in Technopark had a dream - that of building a beautiful home. This is his story

Bringing home memories of a beach vacation

Back from a beach holiday and wondering what you will do with the sea shells and knick-knack from your outing. Here are some tips of how to use them to pep up your rooms.

Of Buddha, Lakshmi and an amazing house

There are houses you pass by and then there is 'Sreelakshmi', a charming abode at Asaan Colony in Alwaye that stands out. Full of positive energy and charm, this is one house that make you wish that it was yours. A 'padipura' made of laterite stones lead us to a foyer. From here we step onto a

Check out India's tallest Santa

As Christmas festivities grip the city of dreams, retail chain Shoppers Stop has created a 71 feet tall installation of Santa Claus at a mall in Mumbai.

'Rohitham': A breath of fresh air

When they started thinking about constructing a house, all that Ren Abraham and Tigi Philip wanted was a tranquil, green oasis where they could relax at the end of a busy day. For this couple who run their own business, life moves in the fast-track. Their home, they knew had to be the place for

Tips to revamp your abode

New Delhi: Swati Gupta, interior designer, gives us a few tips on how to revive old furniture and accessories give a fresh look to your home without spending a fortune:» Add some character to your old and dull furniture by painting them with bright colours or by experimenting with bold textures.

A modern house in 5 cents

Welcome to 'Sivapranavam,' a house situated on a narrow 5 cent plot at Vattiyoorkavu in Thiruvananathapuram. The major highlight in this house are the spacious, broad bedrooms. The kitchen is set in a narrow portion of the house. A work area was done away with so as to provide more space for the

Are you ready to set up a home garden?

Every day, we hear that the prices of vegetables are shooting up. The reports also say that harmful pesticides are being used widely. Don't you feel it is time to consider a home garden with just some commonly used vegetables? Here are some simple tips for setting up a small home garden.

Chandyathil : A bird friendly house

It is the chirping birds that will welcome you into the Chandyathil House. Surprise! The chirpings are not coming from any cage, but the nests hanging in a row all around the house. It is not just George Chandyathil and his family who stay at the Chandyathil House. It is home for more than 70 odd

Quick and Quirky lamps for this Karthika

Thrikkarthika is a festival of lights. Also known as Karthika Deepam it is one of those festivals that has lots of legends associated with it. Some say, it marks Rama's return after defeating Ravan, some link it to the Gods vanquishing Narakasura. What ever the story be, it is a time to celebrate.

Koodu: Where tradition blends with the modern

It was nostalgia that made Sabu take a decision about his new home. The long verandah, nadumuttom or the central courtyard, and an attic held beautiful memories and he was sure that he wanted all of this when he built his house. His family was of the same opinion and that made things easy. Being an

More than 150 years old, yet brand new

Idinjukuzhiyil house in Thrissur is close to two centuries old but it still retains its youth in every aspect.The house is located at a small village called Kundukaadu near Ramavarmapuram. Teak forest ranges that come under the Forest Department and small lakes surround this house. The 18 acres of

This is Kerala's first Gold Certified house

When Jayakrishnan decided to clean up a pond which covered 6 cents of his property, many advised him against it. They were of the opinion that it was wiser to cover up the pond and utilise the land for something else. But Jayakrishnan & wife Ambika, who were settled in Delhi knew exactly how

All he wanted was a theatre at home

Architect Anoop from Thriprayar has an interesting story to tell about one of his clients. A client who renovated his home for the sake of his love for cinema. Minakumar who is passionate about the world of films wanted to give his house a total makeover. When his kids grew up, the need for more

Listin Stephen's super hit house

By now, Listin Stephen has proved that he has this uncanny ability when it comes to selecting themes or subjects for hit movies. As a producer he has seldom gone wrong with his choices. All his movies so far have been blockbusters. Traffic, Chapakurrisu, Ustad Hotel, How old are you - each of these

Three ways to brighten up your house

Our moods and emotions reflect directly on the lighting in a room. A dark room leaves you feeling agitated and gloomy whereas a bright and sunny room makes you chirpier. And trust us, you do not have to spend extra on the electricity bills to do this. Here are some tips.

Rangolis: Traditional, stick-on or detachable?

New Delhi: Here is a list of rangolis you can try this Diwali to beautify your home:1. Traditional rangoli: This type of rangoli can be tedious for some as it needs precision. The traditional rangoli encapsulates various designs like the peacock, Om, kalash, swastika, diya or a

Set up a home theatre, it's easy

Thiruvananthapuram: Cinema is not just a visual medium but also an environment to experience. This is what is being proved here at the Vanitha 'Veedu' exhibition. The home theatre facility and related services presented at the Sound Field stall at the exhibition showcased a feature that can beat

A dream home for Rs 12 Lakhs

To build a house without much wastage of money or space; was designer K.P. Shaji’s mantra when he decided to make his dream home. The entire cost of this 1125 sq. ft. home, including the interiors came up to just 12 Lakhs! The best part was that, he got 5 customers demanding that they get a home

Where roof is the star!

The most attractive feature of the 'Kunnel' house is no doubt its special roofing. Placed in three different levels, one after the other, the unique roof makes this one storey, 3 BHK house stand out.After doing ordinary concrete, a steel truss was added over this to lay the roof tiles. This area

A designer home on 1500 sq. ft.

A spacious 1500 sq. ft. home complete with 3 bedrooms and all other facilities. The highlight of the house is the pristine white walls and the grey roof tiles. The roof tiles have been laid on a steel truss done over a flat concrete roof.For a more attractive elevation, the walls at the front of

A 14 Lakh home on 3 cents

For Ajeesh & Regina, a 3 cent plot was what they had to build their dream home someday. With a budget of only 15 Lakhs, they were anxious about how it was going to be ever possible. That’s when they came across the 2013 October edition of the magazine Vanitha 'Veedu'. An article about a pretty

A 1500 sq. ft. low budget-home

Anand & Sija had just basic requirements for their dream home. Like the usual bedrooms, puja room, hall, kitchen; suitable enough for a small middle-class family. And right when they had plans of building a home, the couple had purchased a 60 cent plot.They came across a number of plans, but

A 1400 sq. ft. home for Rs 12 Lakh

The major issue with a 20 year old concrete home in Kottayam was the leaks. Despite being located in a coveted residential area at Manganam, the house set on a 10 cent plot wasn’t getting any buyers, due to this reason. The designer assured the owner Bijo Joe Thomas, that he could renovate his old

Now, spin your car garage right round

Getting your car out, and that too, in reverse gear from the car porch to the road can be taxing, especially if the road leading to your home is a narrow one. This could get even more challenging if the outer road is a steep one. E.K. Mohanan, a Deputy Engineer with Keltron, came up with an

Building a hill side home

If you have plans of levelling a hill side with a JCB to build a home; it is wise to think again. Have we forgotten how an engineering college built in Munnar in the same manner was buried under a landslide? When the delicate balance of the eco system is tampered with, a calamity cannot be

Protect hardwood floor in monsoon

Ensure that rain water does not enter your home and harm your hardwood floor and remember to mop it regularly to prevent damage during the monsoon, says an expert.Hardwood flooring expert Suresh Kumar Mansukhani, of the Denmark-based hardwood flooring company Junckers, has listed out tips on how to

Where nature gets too close to home

'Chaman', the house that Architect Biju Balan built at Malamparambil in Kozhikode is a beautiful home, which smells of nature in every little corner. A house that was built in a limited space on a small budget, Chaman has proved that a platinum rating is not always mandatory for a house to follow

Brighten up your decor on rainy days

Using light curtains or lace curtains and proper lighting at home can make your decor pretty and bright on a dull and gloomy rainy day, says an expert. Here are a few decor tips for the monsoon:1. Add brightness to your decor. Go for furnishings, curtain and cushions in bright and vibrant hues. It

A picture-perfect home!

Not many romantic-comedy films have made exciting waves in Mollywood. But the flick Om Shanthi Oshana rewrote history with the spark it created. The beautiful frames that we saw in the film was the handiwork of Vinod Illampally, the cameraman of the film. The home that we are visiting

5 simple tips to decorate your dining room

A beautiful dining room is an essential element of a stylishly decorated home. Pick a dining table that fits proportionately into your room and make sure you choose good quality linen in colours that go with the wallpaper and other furniture.Here are few tips that you can try to make your dinning

A home with a Midas touch

His is a face that features in almost every top Malayalam publications these days. All the journalists and media professionals who met him for interviews, seem to be raving about one common thing – Jeethu Joseph’s new home at the Puthiyakaavu Junction in Thripunithura. The road that leads us from

A 2400 sq. ft. marvel on 5 cents

According to director Anil Chandra, film direction or ad film making is a breeze, when compared to building your own home. This is what exhausts you like nothing else. And alas, when all the work is completed, you experience the same tension that a director faces when he awaits the release of his

A two-lakh home in 17 days!

The house in question was an ancestral home left in a neglected state for the past 15 years after the owners moved to their new home. The house was falling apart and many in the family were of the opinion that it should be bought down. Another group felt, the house could be renovated and put to

These 6 cleaning hacks make cleaning so much easier

If you're relocating to a new home, make sure you clean the walls, toilet seats, drains and pipes well for hygeinic surroundings, says an expert.Here are some tips from Samrat Goyal and Ishan Baisoya, co-founders,, a new company offering high-tech cleaning service:1.

Benny did not write the script for his own house

Benny P Nayarambalam has an unwritten law, he will do the script for one movie a year. He is not one of those people who will hand over the script and then go home. Benny loves to be part of the discussions, and makes sure that he sees his stories all the way through - right to the screens at the

A dream home for Rs 5 lakhs

As unbelievable as it might seem, it is now possible to own a home for just Rs. 5 lakhs! With socially responsible architects and contractors, a house for as low as Rs. 5 lakhs is no longer a far fetched dream. Mancheri, near Malappuram is where this dream turned to reality.A native of Pottakulam,

A home for 9 Lakhs!

A sit-out, living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, 1 attached toilet, 1 common toilet, kitchen and a work area all come together to form this simple house.

Building a dream home

I recently built my new home at Vadakemannayil, Malapuram. The total expense of this came up to 15 lakhs 20,000 rupees and out of this 6 Lakhs was the cost of constructing the structure of the house. The remaining budget was used for the finishing works. The painting and flooring of the top floor

A super-duper home!

There couldn’t be another home like this one. This house has perhaps rewritten every rule of the contemporary architectural style handbook. The only requirement put forth by the owner to the architects Lijo & Reny was that the house should scream ‘new’ and should be like no other. The house

The duplex flat of Bala & Amritha

The guests at our home“Our little Paapu loves fishes. Not to eat, of course! She loves just staring at them. So when we are out dining, if the restaurant has an aquarium, you can find her near it, all mesmerized!” There is no point in trying to tell her that her parents are

The ideal height for your home

Everything from the bed to the computer table or even a dressing table have certain height requirements that you need to adhere to for comfort and health reasons.Rooms: The best height for rooms in general is 275 cm (9 feet). This is comfortable enough height when it comes to

'House reflects one’s personality'

Journeys always attract me. But home is the source of energy that helps me set out on these trips to explore unfamiliar places without even knowing what lies ahead. Home is the place to come back and take rest after each exhaustive and unpredictable trip. We need some assurance in each moments of

Watch where you step

The tiles are funky, they come in nine different colours and are simply cool way of doing up your house.

Luxury that is affordable

Here is a house that went luxuriously overboard with spaces, jaw-dropping proportions and a décor that is fit for royalty. When expatriate Moideenkutty decided to build a 3-bedroom, 2000 sq. ft house at Padinjarangadi, close to Edapal in Malappuram district; the only demand that his wife Sharmila

A Rs 12 lakh home in 100 days

When he was building a house in eight cents at the top of a hill that gave a natural vista, Sameer Paramban, the homeowner, had not placed many conditions before Sajeer, the designer. His only demand was a small house with a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and two bedrooms. Sajeer shocked the

A nook by the gurgling brook...

When big dreams drive a man's imagination, it reflects in his works and all little things he does. This is the case with Roshan Andrews, Malayalam film director, who has a number of good films under his kitty. The same splendour that Andrews imparts into his films is also visible in his 7,500-

A stylish flat with a lake view

It rained heavily on the night of the housewarming day. The city was under siege by a torrential downpour that seemed to go on and on. Jayaram and Parvathy stayed up late till the rain got over. They partook of the rain to their hearts’ content.It was like sitting inside a glass bubble atop a lake.

Sethu’s house has a tale too

It was twelve years ago that Sethu, a young High Court lawyer bought 19 cents of land in Edappally. The land had belonged to one of the great actors of Malayalam cinema, the late G. Soman. He considers it destiny that he could build a house on that land which he had often contemplated selling. It

Flats most suited for bachelor Life: Anoop Menon

Anoop Menon is not someone who lives his life according to a definite plan. Everything happens. Even the new flat, Anoop says, happened just like that.This is Anoop's second flat in Kochi. What attracted Anoop first was the balcony of this duplex in Kaloor.Anoop does not differentiate between house