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Last Updated Saturday March 25 2017 07:06 PM IST

Take Off movie: audience review

Take off movie is based on the real-life ordeal of nurses who were caught up in the fight between the jihadists and government forces in Iraq.

Prithviraj's Ezra movie: audience review

Ezra movie review: Prithviraj's Ezra has generated much curiosity ever since the first teaser was released. Directed by debutant Jay K, the film is a horror thriller. Stay tuned.

Bairavaa movie review: agent love

Bairavaa movie review: Vijay's Bairavaa disappoints majorly in its script department. Cliches galore in the plot and director-writer Bharathan fails to make a connect.

Dear Zindagi movie: celeb review

Before Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt's upcoming film 'Dear Zindagi' releases on November 25, the glitterati of Bollywood got to watch the film at a special screening.