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National Scrutiny
Sachidananda Murthy
Telltale diplomatsStory Dated : Wed,April,16 2014 17:17 hrs ISTComing as it did during election time, Sanjay Baru's tell all tale on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his special relationship with Sonia Gandhi has become the talking point during the election campaign. Even though Singh himself has remained...
Contrasting attitudesStory Dated : Wed,April,09 2014 16:35 hrs ISTParty presidents are expected to lead by example, and in the current round of general elections, a good number of them have taken the electoral plunge. But there are some party bosses, whether they are presidents or general secretaries, who have...
Playing it safeStory Dated : Wed,April,02 2014 22:53 hrs ISTThe busiest office in Delhi now is the Election Commission, as it is receiving hundreds of requests daily from both the Central and State Governments for permission to take even routine decisions. The Commission has set up a separate unit to process...
The hotspot of number two Story Dated : Mon,March,24 2014 22:45 hrs ISTArun Jaitley has quickly discounted the fond hope of Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal that Jaitley would become the deputy prime minister in a Narendra modi led union cabinet.  badal, the leader of Akali Dal, the major ally of BJP in Punjab...more »
Sivaram Srikandath
Secularism : Old w(h)ine in old bottleStory Dated : Wed,April,16 2014 18:31 hrs ISTThe word Secularism surely has to be one of the most favourite words in the Grand Old Party's lexicon. Whenever the party feels threatened, their designated spin-meisters go into a huddle, and drag this tested and tried war-horse into the...
Wedding Gangnam Style !Story Dated : Thu,February,06 2014 15:54 hrs IST"Gangnam Style:  A manner associated with lavish lifestyles in Seoul's Gangnam district..." - Time's  Weekly Vocabulary ListThe other day, I received a marriage invitation. And like many invitations that I receive these days from...
151 DAYSStory Dated : Sat,January,25 2014 09:24 hrs ISTLast week, I received an unannounced gift from the Chief Editor and Managing Director of our company. And like all unannounced gifts, it filled me with a lot of  pleasure. The thought that someone  had cared to remember me, was joy  enough. Added to...
Athithi Devo BhavaStory Dated : Wed,January,15 2014 16:49 hrs IST"A guest is like a God - accord to a guest the dignity and respect that one would show to  God."This mantra from the Taittiriya Upanishad has been the bedrock of Indian culture and  of our way of life from time immemorial....more »
Masala Musings
Kishwar Desai
Sun shines at Hay Story Dated : Wed,June,05 2013 18:23 hrs ISTThis is the third year that I've been invited to the Hay Festival in Wales, a haven for literature lovers, but it is the first time that I have seen the sun shine here! In fact, it was a complete shock for many of us pen-pushers (more used to quiet...
The Upside Down Technique Story Dated : Wed,May,22 2013 15:55 hrs ISTThe hype and secrecy surrounding the launch of books by a handful of internationally renowned authors is quite astounding. (Do you sense a certain wistful note in my words? And if you do, then you're dead right!) The hysteria sometimes equals the...more »
Anjuly Mathai
Mallu movies rockStory Dated : Wed,April,23 2014 15:40 hrs ISTThe question: This is the big question that rules every Malayali’s life. If you’re a home-grown Mallu, you will have been asked this question at least once in your life. This question divides Malayalis into two distinct camps and each camp staunchly...
Just be yourselfStory Dated : Mon,April,07 2014 00:03 hrs ISTRecently, I watched an advertisement for a beauty product. A woman is asked by her parents to marry an eligible boy. She is conflicted. What about her dreams and her aspirations? Then she uses the beauty product, turns beautiful overnight, and with...
The roadStory Dated : Fri,March,28 2014 23:20 hrs ISTTo learn how to see, really see, the sunrise nestling in the crook of a valley from the vantage point of a train in southern Spain. To stand at the edge of an ocean and know you’re hundreds and thousands of miles away from the place you call home....
What women wantStory Dated : Sun,March,09 2014 15:30 hrs ISTYesterday was International Women’s Day and here’s my wish list for women all over the worldLove us enough to let go - Give us wings so we can soar. Allow us to dream for they are what insure us against whatever cards life might deal us, help us...more »
Bindhu and Radhakrishnan Unny
Saputara: Driving through DangStory Dated : Wed,August,08 2012 12:26 hrs ISTAn unassuming tiny town, hiding its charm among lush green forests—Saputara, at the southern tip of Gujarat, is a few hours of drive from Mumbai. The rich soil soaks up the first rains, waking up the millions of sleepy seeds. Peeping their green...
The Chalukya HeartlandStory Dated : Fri,June,08 2012 18:50 hrs ISTIntricately chiselled stones, marvellous sculptures—the stupendous work of hundreds unnamed but genius craftsmen—now the remains of (perhaps) a glorious past. Hiding a million stories are these heritage structures in rural Karnataka—Badami.Our...
The Daman EffectStory Dated : Fri,April,20 2012 11:00 hrs ISTA relaxed drive and a chilled-out holiday—were our thoughts as we set out on an impromptu trip to Daman. And so was it! It was a cool drive through the recently laid six-lane Mumbai–Ahmedabad highway and we reached Daman in about 2 hours. Next came...
Forest of JoyStory Dated : Sat,March,03 2012 16:00 hrs ISTDuring most of our trips we get enthralled by the beautiful and sometimes mighty nature. However, there are some occasions where we get awed and humbled by the unlimited capabilities of human beings. To dream and create something that serves the...more » Epson L110 printer reviewStory Dated : Fri,April,18 2014 16:07 hrs ISTWe have in an earlier article (http://bit.ly/1ggtfDE) seen some of the issues faced by those who use printers at home. Yet, many homes need printers especially if there are students. Today we will check whether Epson's L110 printer fits the bill as...
A note on IoTStory Dated : Mon,April,14 2014 12:28 hrs ISTThe Internet of Things (IoT) is the revolutionary step forward in the evolution of the Internet. The term was coined by a British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton in 1999 and the concept is about connecting the everyday objects to the Internet....
Windows OS free for small devicesStory Dated : Sun,April,06 2014 23:49 hrs ISTAs the rumours had suggested Microsoft has made its OS free for computing devices like smartphones and tablets with screen sizes less than 9 inches. (At least to some readers, it will be a surprise to know that MS had been charging a licence fee for...
HTC One: One of the best ever?Story Dated : Sun,March,30 2014 21:19 hrs ISTWhenever a top smartphone manufacturer launches a flagship model, at least some analysts will say that it is the best model available in the market. With its hardware bump and new software features the latest model may have leapfrogged past its...more »
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