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Have you ever seen the ’girl’ in your mom? 
Elizabeth Thomas
 Story Dated: Saturday, May 11, 2013 18:38 hrs IST 
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Kottayam: There is a famous quote by Victor Hugo about mothers which reads, “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.” You may see advertisements depicting mothers partying with children during weekends. But in real life, young mothers at fifty get less chances to explore their youthful vigour.

After giving birth to a child, life seems to be circling around a fixed point. From all sides they would hear only one thing - family matters! The trend has continued even till now. And we hardly pay any attention to change it.

Inspired by this thought, I spoke to a few mothers (employed and unemployed) who are above 40, about their secret ambitions. Though they were reluctant at the beginning, gradually they opened up. The responses were striking.

On this special day dedicated to mothers, I bring those small yet exciting wishes to your attention.

Shailaja, 48, a mother of two girls says “Besides my girls' good future, my passion is travel, especially to high ranges with my daughters. Usually I do not get time for it. But, if I get a chance, I will never let it go.”

“Last week we went to Alappuzha Beach. It was great fun. By visiting places I get a chance to relive my childhood. Moreover visiting significant places will give my daughters a knowledge about our culture,” she adds. As she is employed, going for a trip is not a big deal for Shailaja though.

However, for unemployed mothers like Abidha, 47, a mother of two sons from Aluva, it is a bit difficult to realise their dreams. Abidha has to depend either on her husband or her sons.

However, she admits that she never misses Aluva Shivaratri which is close to her heart. “I was born and brought up here. So, Shivaratri is close to my heart, other wishes I may put aside; but I will go for Shivaratri somehow.

Last time I went with my sister-in-law as my husband and sons were busy,” she chuckles.  

Jameela, 53, from Kollam has a different view. Her parents married her off at the age of 16. So she never got a chance to enjoy her teenage. In her opinion, she lives her lost teenage through her children. “If they take me out for a trip or to a beach I would be happy. But, I seldom ask for it,” she reveals.  

At the same time, for Rajalakshmi, 46, mother of two girls,  going for a short walk or a night ride is more than enough. She loves it when her daughters call up and wish her on wedding anniversaries and birthdays.

For Mariam, 56, short stories and movies remain a passion. And it was a surprise for her son when he came to know about his mother's hidden interests.

Like all of them, your mother too may have some secret desires. But, as the situation demands, like a stereotype mother, she might be  spending her life for the welfare of the family. However, if you look closer, you may see her becoming a young girl all over again, at times at least!

Just like you, she too loves watching movies, taking a walk, a night ride, a trip to the beach or simply chatting with her family and friends. She might be dreaming of a day when her son or daughter calls her up and asks, “Amma can we go for a movie today?” Try it once, she would be ready within minutes.

When you are all set to celebrate Mother’s Day, instead of surprising her with a gift, ask her, “Mamma, what is your secret wish?”
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Have you ever seen the 'girl' in your mom?
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