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Which day is not Mother’s Day? 
Nitha S V
 Story Dated: Saturday, May 11, 2013 18:27 hrs IST 
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Usha Teacher with her son Shyama Prasad and husband Prabhakaran master.
Kottayam: Mothers have unshakeable belief in the abilities of their children and the success story of Dr. Shyama Prasad of Kuthuparamba, Kannur, bears testimony to it. The convictions of his mother Usha Prabhakaran, popularly known as Usha Teacher, helped him scale grate heights in life defying heavy odds.

The academic excellence that this man has achieved, in spite of being differently-abled, speaks volumes of his steely determination. However, mostly unseen by the world, in the background of this young man's life, was the gentle presence of his mother - a source of unconditional love and support - that encouraged him in each faltering step and smiled approvingly when each little milestone was attained.

Prasad, an assistant professor of Economics at the Central University of Kerala in Kasaragod, has cerebral palsy - a group of non-progressive and non-contagious motor conditions that disrupts normal human development. He acknowledges that without his mother's love, he would not have been where he is today. His mother has been staunchly behind him, guiding him through every little vicissitude in life.

Like any mother, Usha Teacher was in a depressed state when she realised that her first kid was affected by cerebral palsy. However, she was able to put her depression aside quickly and modify her outlook to life to make her son's world worthwhile. The outcome is for all to see. The story of Prasad's achievements is closely related to the story of his mother's evolution from a homemaker to a 'value enhancer'.

Usha Teacher reflects on how she transformed herself to bring light into the world of her son, who was in danger of being easily written off. She says, “Our children are always special. So we also need to become much more special while handling them. Perhaps our society may not give space for them, but we should never wait to change the society. Mothers should get their children involved in the mainstream society. Our children have to be encouraged and we often may have to learn new things in the process. In my experience, mothers must always be the best friend and trainer for their children”.

The academic achievements of Prasad are a tribute to Usha Teacher. After obtaining  first rank in MA economics from Nirmalagiri College, Kuthuparamba, Prasad took his M.Phil from the Centre for Development Studies in Thiruvananthapuram. He went on to complete his Ph.D and became a post doctoral fellow from IGIDR, Mumbai, and has already submitted 12 theses on various topics in Economics.

Usha Teacher continues, “As a mother, we need to give all love and care to our child. Children should never get the feeling that they are going to be a burden for their parents. They need to have the feeling that their parents are proud of them – there lies the success of a mother.”

This is the story of a special child and his very special mother, a mother who could nurture a bud to bloom braving heavy odds, a mother who stands out as a classic example for what only mothers can do.

Today, when we dedicate a day in the honour of mothers, Usha  Teacher's words need further contemplation. She asks, “Do we need a special day to express the unconditional love and support towards our beloved mother? Are they remembered only for one day? Mother, water and earth should be remembered on all days.”
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Which day is not Mother's Day?
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