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What is impossible is possible with God: Mar Chrysostom
 Story Dated: Friday, February 15, 2013 19:26 hrs IST 
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Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom
Maramon: “We must prove that what is impossible to Kerala assembly is possible to God through Maramon,” exhorted Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom, senior metropolitan of Mar Thoma church. He was delivering presidential address in Maramon Convention Wednesday.  

He said a society is transformed when individuals change and therefore the transformation at Pampa river is our reformation. Dr. Chrysostom asked if mankind could dry up the Pampa river, why can't he eradicate social evils? He encouraged the gathering to fulfill their responsibilities.

Citing a few interesting stories Dr. Chrysostom gained the attention of devotees to social problems such as alcohol consumption and drug addiction. In his opinion, drinking liquor is not the biggest crime in the world but the vices it brings are bigger. Meanwhile, he remembered his experience during a jail visit where 85% of convicts are alcoholic. He pointed out that when a man gets addicted to drugs, his consciousness is affected and then his perspective towards things change.

“Virtue of a society is constituted by the goodness of each individual. God will never bring magical remedy if we do not contribute to it. In Bible, Jesus did miracles such as turning water into wine and raising Lazarus from the dead by including man's efforts. Man must be able to fight against evils by burying all social evils that thrashes him down. Like that we must strive to bring changes to society through us,” he concluded.  

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