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US academic medical centre to hold seminar at Biennale
 Story Dated: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 19:48 hrs IST 
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Kochi: A leading multi-specialty academic medical centre of the United States will hold a seminar here in February as part of the ongoing Kochi-Muziris Biennale to create awareness of the concept of arts and medicine.

Cleveland Clinic's Arts and Medicine Institute will host a seminar on 'Arts and Medicine for India' on February 13, with focus on healing through fine arts, the organisers of the three-month event said. The sessions will use the 1921-founded institution as a model for discussion, the Kochi Biennale Foundation said.

The purpose of the symposium, to be held under the direction of Iva Fattorini, Managing Director and Chairperson of the Global Arts and Medicine Institute at Cleveland Clinic, will be three-fold.

It was aimed at educating artists and physicians on the methods and benefits of applying arts in patient care, providing an overview of current research to create awareness about the arts in healing concept and developing an inventory of existing programmes in India to further promote the implementation of arts and medicine programs into their hospitals, it said. The seminar will feature art therapy that would aid in the emotional and physical healing for patients.

Combining visual, therapeutic, performing, and learning arts, the Arts and Medicine Institute strives to enhance the Cleveland Clinic experience through the arts, to practise and investigate the use of the arts in healing and to build community around the arts, health, and medicine. The health system's fine art collection includes over 4,500 pieces throughout its facilities.

Cleveland Clinic's Arts and Medicine Institute was created with the purpose of integrating visual arts, therapeutic arts, performing arts and education initiatives to promote healing and to enrich the lives of Cleveland Clinic patients, families, visitors, and employees, a release said.
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