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Cold war prompts row over films selection at IFFK  
 Story Dated: Saturday, December 1, 2012 16:9 hrs IST 
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Panaji: Directors from Europe have stumbled upon a hard truth, which is films that are screened at IFFI 2012 will not be selected for IFFK 2012. If this is not the truth, then this is what they have experienced, said director Jacco Groen of the movie "Lilete never happened", which was widely received at IFFI 2012.

Groen testified that he had sent his movie to IFFK for selection but was ignored as it was screened in IFFI. Rad Cessick, another director from Europe, told Groen that the cold war between IFFI and IFFK might be the reason behind this issue."Such an attitude will prevent us from viewing some appreciable movies," said Groen.  

"Lilete never happened", a movie about teenagers who are forced into prostitution in Philippines, has been an acclaimed movie in many festivals till now. It is a true story about a girl. Sandy Talag has done an admirable job to the role of Lilete in the movie.

Groen recalls that no one allowed their children to be a part of this movie because of the subject of the movie. Though Sandy was selected for the role, her parents were reluctant to send her for such a role. Groen then had to take her parents to a psychologist to convince them that there wouldn't be any problem if Sandy played this role. Finally the parents agreed to let their daughter play the role after the psychologist convinced them that her role would actually help many girls come out of sex tourism.
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