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Happy if Pranayam was inspired by my film: Paul Cox 
Rishi K.Manoj
 Story Dated: Thursday, November 29, 2012 15:35 hrs IST 
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Panaji: Renowned Australian director, Paul Cox, Wednesday said that he was happy that his movie had been inspirational for the Malayalam film Pranayam. Had this happened in the US, it would have been sued for a huge compensation. Paul Cox, who is also the jury chairman of the IFFK, Thiruvananthapuram in December, said while talking to media persons.

“I am a person who believes in human virtues. If someone has adapted my film for another language, I am happy about it. Anyway, the matter would have reached courts if it were in America...Learned that a film of the same story was released in Malayalam and had won several awards. I am happy if such a thing has happened,” Paul Cox said.

Cox's film, 'Innocence',  which was released in 2000 had bagged a number of Australian, European and Australian awards. Innocence deals with the story of two separated lovers who meet again  accidentally after decades and fall in love again.

This is in fact Paul Cox's second life as he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and doctors had predicted his immediate end. However, fate had something else in store for him. Doctors decided to transplant liver of a person who died on a Christmas day. There was no much hope either. It was just an experiment on a dying patient. The next day transplantation took place and doctors had prophesied a week's life for him. Then it was extended to two weeks and then to one month.

Now it has been three years since he started living with another person's liver. Paul is planning to make a movie on the subject. He is also on the look out for Indian actors for some of the roles. Cox will be the chief guest during valedictory function of the Goa film festival.

The veteran director added that Bollywood is a better film world than Hollywood and that the Indian cinema should change the trend of following it thoroughly.
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Happy if Pranayam was inspired by my film: Paul Cox
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