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Vivekananda film premiered
 Story Dated: Friday, February 1, 2013 23:12 hrs IST 
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Kolkata: Recalling his state of trance as the camera rolled and he got into the skin of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, actor Premankur Chattopadhyay said he would be forever indebted to the director of 'The Light Swami Vivekananda.'

"I can't explain how it all felt as I mouthed lines like 'Truth is one; only It is called by different names. All people are seeking the same Truth.' I am grateful director Tutu Sinha could think of me as Ramakrishna," the veteran actor said after premier of the film this evening.

Echoing Premankur, debutant actor Deep Bhattacharya, cast in the lead role of the great monk, said "as I uttered the words 'gnyan dao, bhokti dao, bibek dao, bairagyo dao' (give me knowledge, fill me with devotion, give me conscience and give me sanyas) before Premankurda, the words started ringing within me. It was not just a dialogue."

"My own struggles in life at an early age after my father's death had lots of similarities with Narendranath. And perhaps that helped me make my own mental notes for this role," he said.

Jagdish Misra of Tricolour Productions said the film will also be made in other versions as inspiring tales for the youth of the country.
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