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Last Updated Monday May 01 2017 05:59 AM IST


What Brexit could mean for India

The possible British exit will lead to greater investments into less risky assets like gold and increase the overall outflows from the domestic equity markets.

Global economy: Caution is the buzzword

A slowdown in Chinese economy and the weakening of its currency, the slump in oil prices, shrinking global consumer demand and over-valued stock markets are the prime concerns the global economy is facing.

Tax hopes of an analyst

Tax payers are hoping that when Finance minister Arun Jaitley announces his second budget of the Modi government on the 29th, it would offer them many benefits.

'India's tax avoidance laws lack teeth'

Compensatory payment is the nickname given to black money that is injected to firms that operate on foreign lands. Usually, the financial details of such companies are hidden from relevant authorities.

Kerala witnesses shopping mall boom

Kochi: The term ‘kochu Keralam (little Kerala)’ no longer makes any sense, taking into account the number of malls which have been propping up across the State in recent times. Kerala will soon have more high-end shopping centres featuring premium brands and luxury escapades than any other State in

The magic of percentages

The marketing strategy of forcing loans, investments and insurance policies on clients by presenting numbers in percentages will entice anyone. When the eloquence of the adviser combines with advertisements and brochures that display rates of interest in percentages in big letters, it is natural

Can India measure up to the Fed rate hike?

Kochi: The US Federal Reserve, which is in session to decide on a hike to its main interest rate, can influence fuel prices, value of the rupee, note transactions, shares and real estate with its decision that is expected on Wednesday. The decision of the Federal Open Market Committee would be

Jeevan Pramaan in place of life certificates

Senior citizens getting pension will get that money in their bank accounts without disruption only if they submit life certificates every year. Though the procedures have been simplified, most pensioners face difficulties in giving life certificates each year. As a continuation of certificates on

All you need to know about investing in stocks

What is a stock? How does an investor stand to benefit from buying stocks? What are the risks involved and why do losses occur? These may be basic questions, but they nevertheless puzzle most potential investors. In simple terms, a share or stock may be defined as a part of ownership in a business

Invest only in debt free companies

Two major problems that companies today encounter are high rates of interest and inflation. Since these two factors dent corporate earnings considerably, it is very important for investors to select companies that are debt free and also have funds for expansion. Since these companies are debt free,

Tax must be transparent and timely

Tax evasion is the biggest financial crime hindering the country’s progress. Taxes are sources of revenue for development and welfare activities. Hence, paying tax properly is one of the most important duties of a citizen. Vice versa, collecting tax properly is an important responsibility of the

Sourcing a mortgage

First-time home buyers often face the dilemma whether they should source a loan from a bank or a housing finance organisation. While they seem to offer similar services, there are differences in the way these institutions offer loans. Many mortgage providers allow preferential rates for new buyers,

Currency trading offers low risk opportunities

These days we find a lot of people venturing into trading with the goal of making a lot of money in a short duration of time. Trading is done in equities, currency and so on. All these asset classes offer high returns from trading but are at the same time highly risky and there are chances of

Interest-free loan of Rs 50,000 for women to start ventures

Are you ready to start a self-employment venture to build your life if you get Rs 50,000? If so, the government will give you that much as loan. Not only that, since half of it is subsidy, you will have to repay only Rs 25,000. Women will get interest-free loan to start a venture from the National

A homemaker who earns Rs 1 lakh a month

Jessy and her husband, Biju, detail the success story of M&M Designer Tiles, their venture in Koompanpara, IdukkiWhat is the business model?It is the production and sale of paving tiles and porch tiles. It was started in 2012.Biju had run a small venture called Modern Tiles

How to avail Mudra bank loans

Mudra loans, which are being dispersed as part the ‘Make In India’ campaign can be utilised by small scale and other entrepreneurs to further their business needs. The Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd (MUDRA) loans are meant to help entrepreneurs and the facility may be availed from

Basics to start a proprietary firm

When starting a sole proprietorship, one would need a trade license if the business comes under the trading category. This has to be procured from local body authorities. If the business owner does not own the property where the business is to be established, he or she would have to enter into an

Is a safe locker a Pandora’s box?

As bank robberies are increasing, all are concerned whether the valuables they have saved in their lockers are safe. Some would also like to know whether the valuables have adequate insurance coverage because after all, one pays money to keep valuables safe in lockers. However, it could come as a

Beware! Your transactions are on IT radar

Many are bewildered when the Income Tax Department serve them notices seeking details of private land deals. People often wonder how the IT gets details about transactions that are scrupulously done under the wraps. However, most of our financial transactions are on the watchful radar of the IT

A light venture that yields Rs 1,000 a day

Swasrayadeepam, a light venture that produces and sells cleaning products, run by Sheeja and Afsal, a couple in Adimali, is a model for people seeking extra income.What is the business model?It is the sale of cleaning products and kits to make such items. The business idea

Invest in gold bonds to earn interest from the precious metal

One more avenue has opened up for people who like to invest in paper gold: the gold bond scheme. The bond aims to pass on the benefits of the rise in gold prices to investors who do not buy it in physical form. What are the benefits?Gold bonds will offer profits equivalent to the

7 ways to romp home through market

Entrepreneurs have to set their sights higher than short-term profit. They have to plan where to sell their products and how. Here is a cheat sheet.1. Don’t ape rivalsDo not blindly imitate your competitors who have already struck gold. That may only lead to a setback for your

Getting a clean chit – a primer

The Kerala government laid out a set of rules to regulate chit funds in June 2012 in the wake of a central rule that ensured the safety of money that goes into the funds. The rules, formulated in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, guarantee certain rights and security features for the

100 per cent FDI approved in estate sector

Kochi: While the government’s move to allow 100 per cent FDI in the estate sector is welcome, whether it would rejuvenate the sector is a matter of concern.The new initiative of the government has allowed 100 per cent FDI in estates growing coffee, rubber, cardamom and oil palm. Relaxed FDI norms

GMS scheme loses sheen as investors turn wary

Kochi: There has been only a lukewarm response to gold schemes, launched by Union Government to reduce export of gold and to bring into circulation the 20,000 tonnes of gold lying idle in bank lockers and in households, by investors. The scheme has lost its sheen and glitter with the first scheme

Investors eye bonds and mutual funds for better gain

Kochi : These are days when interest rates of bank deposits have come down. The chances of it improving in near future are remote. It is when investors start looking for options which would give them more interest. There is increasing trend of investors withdrawing money from banks to invest in

Medical Coding is here to stay

Kochi: Medical Coding is one of the key emerging and evolving industries that has opened new vistas of opportunities. With major players in the healthcare industry and medical insurance companies drawing up ambitious plans, several multi-national IT companies and small-scale firms in India are

Investor-friendly norms to transfer securities to legal heirs

Unlike banking investments and insurance policies, transmission of securities can be done through a simple procedure as there are well-defined and investor-friendly laws for claiming a deceased person’s investments.  Transmission refers to the transfer of securities from the account of a deceased

Banking on a phone

A wallet is a purse in which we can keep our cards, money and other important documents. While the wallet is a convenient place to keep all things in one place, it also allows one to lose all important documents at one go. However, the digital wallet is one such service that offers much more than

Varied expenses in mutual funds

Due to many reasons, ordinary people are unable to invest directly in shares, which are now recording better growth rates in the market. One main reason is the lack of expertise in selecting stocks that give higher returns and taking appropriate decisions quickly as per the direction of the market.

After onion and pulses, is it the turn of oil to rally?

Kochi: First there was shortage of onion, then pulses turned dear. Next in line could be cooking oil. India is the largest producer and importer of oilseeds. The country’s vegetable oil industry is fourth in the world after the United States, China and Brazil. Oilseeds account for about 13 per cent

Inheritance involving LIC policies

The instances of rifts and legal complications among nominees following the death of a policy holder are increasing. While heirs of a policy holder could stake claim for a policy, others too could stake their claim to the policy making the whole process complicated. If the heirs of policy holders

Nobel laureate Angus Deaton's message to India

Following is the full text of the letter written by Angus Deaton to the Indian media. The Princeton University professor was selected as the winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, 2015, “for his analysis of consumption, poverty and welfare”.I am thrilled to have been awarded the

How female employees can raise work profile

New York: When it comes to raising one's profile within the workplace, female employees stand much to gain from formal, face-to-face mentoring programmes, says an Indian-origin researcher.After analysing a field experiment involving 139 “high potential” employees at a software development lab for a

Will gold markets be revived?

The gold market has been slow to pick up despite the fact that the demand and cost of gold is increasing. After a gap, the cost of one sovereign of gold has increased beyond Rs 20,000. In the international market, the value of one ounce of gold is $1150.According to import figures, compared to the

Keep calm and trust Yellen

The debate is still on within economists but the bond market thinks that a September lift-off is off the table. Futures forecast only a 20 per cent probability that the Fed will raise interest rates on Thursday (September 17). The decision to tighten monetary policy should be temporarily delayed

Crowd Funding: Financing dreams

Ordinary people struggling to find money for an expensive surgery... Youngsters who are running after capital for commercial marketing of their highly prospective innovation... Artists trying to create a film with a theme which can become very popular... Social activists trying to take up

Bond scheme to add glitter to yellow metal holders

Kochi: Gold could fetch you modest regular payments once the central government’s gold-linked bond scheme is rolled out by the banks. The scheme, approved in principle by the central government, would free gold owners of the fear of loot or the cost of keeping it in bank lockers.However, the

Who will guarantee bank deposits?

The perception that the government guarantees bank deposits is wrong. Bank deposits get the insurance cover provided by the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, a central public sector establishment, which takes premium directly from banks. Including all the money deposited in

Start up lessons India can learn from Israel

Jerusalem: If Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Independence Day dream of India succeeding as 'start up' country has to kick start, there is a lot to learn from the original 'start up nation' Israel. The tiny country of Israel mushrooms almost two new start-up companies every day and today houses some

Sputtering Chinese engine chokes global markets

The world is warily watching the plunge of stock markets in China, which was tipped to be the most advanced economy in the world. China’s main stock indexes have fallen 20 per cent this month. The latest setbacks prove that the government’s intervention to stem the rout last month has not been

India must wait and watch

The global rout in stock markets has affected India badly as is the case with Europe, Asia and the US. India cannot do anything as global markets are not doing well, because the crisis arose from China. Production in China has dropped and sales have subsequently dropped leading to significant

Positive data, Yuan depreciation raise rate cut hopes

With the leading economic indicators signalling a positive outlook, a rate cut by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) seems imminent. A sustained depreciation trend for the Yuan, as well as the pressure exerted by the Finance Ministry, bankers and industry leaders would force the apex bank to reduce

Zero per cent interest, 100 per cent problems

Gone are the days when merchants used to entice customers only with discounts and freebies during festivals. Nowadays, customers are being spoilt for a choice by merchants and banks that together offer interest-free loans, unsecured loans and even loans where the processing charges are waived.

Accident compensation: Are you covered?

While a lot many people think they can get away with reckless driving by obtaining compensation via insurance claim, there are a few who still harbour doubts on getting the indemnity amount entitled to them.Two types of policiesThe Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of

The smart Malayali’s gold

Gold has an indelible influence in the life of the average Keralite; be it for pretentious displays, a tool to create snob value or as a genuine investment. While gold has such a diverse role to play in our lives, gold serves only a very narrow band of customers; essentially those who have money to

More avenues for customers to avail lower interest rates in housing loans

Kochi: Majority of the banks have reduced their base rate of interest for loans. The reduction in base rate has brought a decrease in rate of interest for loans given by banks including that of housing loans.The existing housing loan customers need to understand and explore ways to avail themselves

Greek debt crisis not to hit India much

In the backdrop of the turmoil in global stock markets in unrest due to the Greece debt crisis, financial experts voiced cautious optimism on its impact on India. Greece became the first developed economy to default on a loan of $1.7 billion to the International Monetary Fund on June 30. Financial

E-market to herald agriculture revolution

New Delhi: The Union cabinet has given its approval to form a national agriculture market online to herald major changes in the country’s farm sector. The decision was taken at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Its official announcement will be made jointly today by Union finance

Deduct tax at source from charges to transport goods

Now income tax has to be deducted at source from the money paid to hire a lorry. It is the duty of the person getting income to pay the income tax on it. But, in the case of some expenditure, the person giving the money has to deduct tax at source and deposit it either at the time of payment or at

Can you repair your credit rating?

Agencies that claim to rectify your credit report are gaining prominence in the state. While the services of such agencies are suspect, rectifying one's credit report needs personal intervention from one's end.Credit reports serve the purpose of assessing a person's loan-taking ability as well as

Exports not enough

Traditional exports from Kerala are under strain, thanks to changing dynamics in demand and trends in the global markets.Commodities such as spices, seafood, cashew and coir, which performed well last year, has not been able to do as expected this year. While the diminishing strength of the rupee

How to fund your education abroad

Deepu was sifting through the websites of educational institutions in Europe, Australia and North America when his friends were preparing for various entrance examinations after plus two exams. It was not an easy task to submit online application to foreign universities. He finally got admission to

A guide to education loans

Recently, a young software engineer made it to the news, all for the wrong reasons. The engineering graduate, who landed a job in an IT company, was reportedly driving a taxi to repay his education loan. The story of this young gentleman reminds one thing: The focus must be more on selecting better

Fresh RBI norms for opening joint accounts

It is common practice in India to open joint account in banks with your family members – be it your wife, husband, children, parents, friends and other individuals. Joint accounts can be opened for savings, recurring deposits and for fixed deposits. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has come out

Who cares for prudence in filmmaking?

When luck shines on you while gambling, it is wise to leave with the booty than staying back and trying your hand for a second-round win. This theory is perhaps apt in the film world as well.

No 'Big Bang' initiatives in Union Budget

Foreign investors should be a happy bunch with GAAR being deferred , bringing fungibility in FDI and FII investments and a new investment entry route opened through Alternate Investment Funds.

Why mix Neera with toddy?

Although there is no alcohol content in Neera, the excise department argues that it can be misused at any stage during tapping and refining.

GST faces many hurdles

Once the GST is imposed, all the taxes in services sector will come under the state. Earlier, service tax was under the centre, and the practice was to transfer a share of it to the state.

Amazing Lanka: Boundless celebration

Ambili Prakash, a Malayali entrepreneur and homemaker who has been living in Sri Lanka for the past 20 years, says Sri Lanka is so safe that women can travel alone at any time of the night.

Amazing Lanka: Flying high

As visa norms keep tourists away from India, Sri Lanka gives maximum concession in rules. Sri Lankan visa is available online 24 hours a day.

Hearty welcome with a smile

The smile of Sri Lankans, including the woman selling tender coconuts in Pettah market and even the country’s defence secretary, brims with warmth and respect for guests.

Good days are here

From the decline in inflation to the slump in international prices of commodities, there is only good news for the economy.

Do not destroy Neera

Several attempts are being made by the Coconut Development Board (CDB) towards making Neera popular as a nutritious drink.

When will interest fall?

Many commercial banks have changed interest rates for term deposits because of increase in liquidity and less-than-optimum loan dispersals.

E-commerce needs regulation

E-commerce is gaining popularity in Kerala, especially among the youth. At the same time, it is doubtful whether we have developed a mature approach to this sort of transactions.

The economics of tax evasion

People should isolate tax evaders. Those within the government and in the opposition should stop the hue and cry over taxes.