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Last Updated Monday April 24 2017 02:53 PM IST

8 tips on buying insurance

Before purchasing a policy, spend some time analyzing the need for purchasing a policy, here's 8 pointers to watch out for.


Global economy: Caution is the buzzword

A slowdown in Chinese economy and the weakening of its currency, the slump in oil prices, shrinking global consumer demand and over-valued stock markets are the prime concerns the global economy is facing.


Tax hopes of an analyst

Tax payers are hoping that when Finance minister Arun Jaitley announces his second budget of the Modi government on the 29th, it would offer them many benefits.


'India's tax avoidance laws lack teeth'

Compensatory payment is the nickname given to black money that is injected to firms that operate on foreign lands. Usually, the financial details of such companies are hidden from relevant authorities.


Kerala witnesses shopping mall boom

Kochi: The term ‘kochu Keralam (little Kerala)’ no longer makes any sense, taking into account the number of malls which have been propping up across the State in recent times. Kerala will soon have more high-end shopping centres featuring premium brands and luxury escapades than any other State in


The magic of percentages

The marketing strategy of forcing loans, investments and insurance policies on clients by presenting numbers in percentages will entice anyone. When the eloquence of the adviser combines with advertisements and brochures that display rates of interest in percentages in big letters, it is natural


Can India measure up to the Fed rate hike?

Kochi: The US Federal Reserve, which is in session to decide on a hike to its main interest rate, can influence fuel prices, value of the rupee, note transactions, shares and real estate with its decision that is expected on Wednesday. The decision of the Federal Open Market Committee would be


Jeevan Pramaan in place of life certificates

Senior citizens getting pension will get that money in their bank accounts without disruption only if they submit life certificates every year. Though the procedures have been simplified, most pensioners face difficulties in giving life certificates each year. As a continuation of certificates on


All you need to know about investing in stocks

What is a stock? How does an investor stand to benefit from buying stocks? What are the risks involved and why do losses occur? These may be basic questions, but they nevertheless puzzle most potential investors. In simple terms, a share or stock may be defined as a part of ownership in a business


Invest only in debt free companies

Two major problems that companies today encounter are high rates of interest and inflation. Since these two factors dent corporate earnings considerably, it is very important for investors to select companies that are debt free and also have funds for expansion. Since these companies are debt free,


Tax must be transparent and timely

Tax evasion is the biggest financial crime hindering the country’s progress. Taxes are sources of revenue for development and welfare activities. Hence, paying tax properly is one of the most important duties of a citizen. Vice versa, collecting tax properly is an important responsibility of the


Sourcing a mortgage

First-time home buyers often face the dilemma whether they should source a loan from a bank or a housing finance organisation. While they seem to offer similar services, there are differences in the way these institutions offer loans. Many mortgage providers allow preferential rates for new buyers,


Currency trading offers low risk opportunities

These days we find a lot of people venturing into trading with the goal of making a lot of money in a short duration of time. Trading is done in equities, currency and so on. All these asset classes offer high returns from trading but are at the same time highly risky and there are chances of